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At the grand event of "railway soldiers", railway construction heavy industry won double awards at one fell swoop

at the grand event of "railway soldiers", railway construction heavy industry won double awards in one fell swoop

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on December 25, the second "forever railway soldier Cup" top ten role models, the fifth "top ten moral models", and the first "top ten brands" commendation conference and official animation image conference of China railway construction were grandly held in China railway construction building

in this grand meeting of "railway soldiers", railway construction heavy industry won double awards in one fell swoop. Liufeixiang, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of China railway construction heavy industry group, stood out from many outstanding people and won the honorary title of "ten models", while China railway construction heavy industry group's full face tunnel boring machine, large road maintenance machinery and other national heavy equipment also won the "ten brands" of China Railway Construction Group

at the grand event of "railway soldiers", railway construction heavy industry won double awards in one fell swoop

it is reported that the "top ten models" selected this time come from all sectors, management levels and different positions of the whole system. They have made significant achievements in design, scientific research or management, or made outstanding contributions in business efficiency, energy conservation and consumption reduction, environmental protection, etc., creating a model of significant economic and social benefits for enterprises. The "top ten brands" are a group of brands with brand influence and industry competitiveness that have formed a demonstration effect of leading moral trends, condensing upward forces, and promoting innovation and development in the system

in the past 10 years, China railway construction heavy industry has achieved good results and received numerous awards from the industry. Liu Feixiang broke into the world one by one in 2007 and now has more than 7000 employees. Railway construction heavy industry also started from scratch, reaching an annual output value of more than 10 billion yuan, and maintaining a compound annual growth rate of more than 30% for 10 consecutive years. How many hardships and setbacks will it take to achieve the leading position of China railway construction heavy industry in the industry of "top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers" and "top 5 Chinese construction machinery manufacturers"

when the crystal clear trophy of "top ten role models" was delivered to Liu Feixiang from Wang Wenzhong, member of the Standing Committee of the Party committee and vice president of China railway construction, the wise and calm head of China railway construction heavy industry, who has always been unsmiling in the eyes of most people, smiled so brightly

in the early days of the establishment, CRCC heavy industry was mature in doing a good job in the standardization of the new material industry, and the only business segment was concrete products. On the one hand, the traditional product industry does not have new competitiveness, on the other hand, the layout of high-end products is blocked by foreign core technologies. In order to seek new ways to create efficiency, find new economic growth points, and form new core competitiveness, Liu Feixiang inherited the tenacity of railway soldiers to dig roads in every mountain, build bridges in every river, and never give up until they reached their goals. Finally, he sorted out his ideas and found a growth path suitable for the sustainable development of railway construction heavy industry

"the success of CRCC heavy industry should first be attributed to the full support of China Railway Construction leaders, followed by the unremitting efforts of all CRCC heavy industry people, and finally to the continuous innovation of CRCC heavy industry." At the commendation scene, Liu Feixiang, as the representative of the top ten role models, repeatedly mentioned the word "innovation" when sharing his successful experience with the audience. Innovation is the soul of enterprise development and the source of power for development. The 10 years of railway construction heavy industry is the 10 years of continuous innovation. It is precisely through "independent research and development", "core breakthrough", "scientific and technological innovation", "management innovation" and "strategic innovation" that CRCC heavy industry is on the thorny and climbing path of scientific research and research, going further and further

those who are intelligent listen to silence, while those who are intelligent see the formless. As mentioned in the award speech of the "top ten role models", every great leap forward transformation is always led by his keen insight, and every great step forward is always boosted by his dedication. Today's railway construction heavy industry relies on its dedicated work in the field of non-standard, special, personalized and customized high-end underground equipment. More than 1000 R & D personnel create an industry miracle of developing a new achievement on average every day on the "eight in one" innovation platform

"roadheader, special equipment, rail system, large road maintenance machinery, new rail transit equipment, high-end agricultural machinery" six industries go hand in hand, the world's first set, the first set of domestic products continue to go offline, more than 10 manufacturing bases complement each other, overseas business sites are scattered, and more than 100 products can be called construction tools, CRCC heavy industry is committed to becoming a global high-end underground equipment manufacturing enterprise and a global provider of intelligent equipment for tunnel construction and overall solutions for high-end track equipment, which "covers the largest area, has the most complete product categories, and has the strongest production capacity; the experimental data and curves are automatically saved; the experimental process, measurement, display, and analysis are all completed by computers; and samples with the same parameters"

CRCC heavy industry full face tunnel boring machine and large road maintenance machinery, which won the first "top ten brands" of China railway construction, have also become the stars of this commendation conference. The dark tunnel 1000 meters underground has witnessed the full face TBM's further tunneling; The Qinghai Tibet Plateau, with an altitude of 5000 meters, has left the shadow of the continuous, stable and efficient operation of large road maintenance machinery

they are the most important national instruments to win the market. At present, the market share of TBM and large-diameter shield machine of China railway construction heavy industry group Co., Ltd. is more than 85%. They are the leading star products, namely, railway construction heavy industry large-scale road maintenance machinery. They are labeled as made in China and shine with the light of Chinese brands

10 years of hard work and continuous struggle, Liu Feixiang has created an industry miracle in 10 years, closely connecting himself with CRCC heavy industry. This invisible connection of leading-edge major experimental instruments and equipment confirms what Meng Fengchao, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of China Railway Construction Corporation, said at the end of the commendation conference

"A model is a flag, and a model is a benchmark. Noble undertakings need the guidance of an example, and typical forces urge people to forge ahead. At present, China Railway Construction Corporation is standing at a new starting point of development, and is forging ahead towards the goal of energy conservation and pollution prevention in the plastic granulator process of a world enterprise with global competitiveness. In this historical journey, we need to vigorously inherit the excellent tradition of railway troops Unification requires us to carry forward the strong power of brand and thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress. Finally, I hope that the majority of China railway construction personnel will contribute more to promoting the reform and development of enterprises and strengthening the work led by the party. "

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