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Avaya's company radvision won the Nemertes pilothouse award

ctiforum on October 16 (Jia Er): at present, radvision takes out the cup-shaped sample after the punch bottoms out in the marketing challenge category, and IT professionals generally believe that radvision provides the most valuable solution

according to the interview and questionnaire survey conducted by Nemertes 2012 pilothouse awards to customers, radvision, a company under Avaya, is considered to be the inevitable choice because it provides a high-quality video conferencing system solution with unparalleled value

pilothouse awards covers video conferencing products and services, and the evaluation of the awards is 100% based on the evaluation and experience of actual users who have deployed video technology. Radvision has become a winner in the market challenger category

irwin Lazar, vice president and service director of Nemertes, believes that radvision was able to win the pilothouse m and arket Challenger award mainly due to its technical strength and excellent value. Radvision's technical strength score ranks first among all market challengers; In terms of customer value, radvision scores more than all other manufacturers. Considering the high level and high level of this competition, it is not easy to achieve this

Bob Romano, global vice president of radvision market, said: the Nemertes pilothouse awards is of special significance, because it is based on the personal experience of actual customers to strengthen the dynamic analysis of high-risk products and high-risk market announcements. Radvision ranked first in terms of customer value, and also received high scores in terms of technology and customer service. Although radvision has long been a leader in the field of video infrastructure, our history of providing end-to-end video products is not long. However, it professionals still give us a higher evaluation than almost all other manufacturers. We want to thank our customers for their recognition

The evaluation of the Nemertes pilothouse award is mainly based on an original study, which is to conduct in-depth interviews with it decision makers and ask respondents to rate products according to their actual experience of manufacturers' products. Nemertes will conduct an extensive questionnaire survey on it decision makers through the "database management mode" to enhance the credibility of the score

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