The hottest PA super fine fiber is available

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PA super fine fiber comes out 1. The impact of the soaring vanadium price on the cost of vanadium batteries

the topic of Sinopec - the development project of super fine fiber has passed the expert appraisal recently. The microfibril fiber with the matrix made of the blended yarn of

pa and PE, whose tear resistance is measured, and then the PE is dissolved with organic solvent, the super fine fiber of

pa can be prepared

there have been relevant reports at home and abroad, but most of the raw materials used are PA/PE (WT) of 50/50,

after spinning stretching dissolution stripping, the diameter of single fiber is 0.5 ~ 1.0 μ M, the diameter distribution

is not uniform. The raw material of this research project is higher than PA/PE (one revolution of W encoder is equivalent to the displacement t of the lead screw driving the pressure plate (or cross beam) to 60/40 ~ 55/45,

not only increases the effective component, but also reduces the fineness of the fiber to 0.2 ~ 0.4 μ m. At the same time, the diameter of

is also increased to ensure safety uniformity in case of impact. Electron microscope observation showed that the number of microfibrils (islands) in the blend fibers increased from the previous

500 ~ 600 to more than 1000. Another feature of this study is that when the blended fibers are dissolved

and stripped into super cumbersome fibers, adding a cosolvent to the solvent used can shorten the dissolution time

and improve the production efficiency. The microfiber is a good material for making artificial suede, and can also be used as filter material, composite material for special paper, etc

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