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On the morning of July 11, Taifu heavy equipment group, ongsu power Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as "Indonesia Shimizu power"), Korea West Power Co., Ltd, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Korea West Power") signed a strategic cooperation agreement on Indonesian power projects in the group's Jiuhua Industrial Park. Zhang Yong, chairman of Taifu heavy equipment group, Zheng xiayun, chairman of South Korea west power, and Kim Daqing, chairman of Indonesia Shimizu power signed the agreement on behalf of the three parties. Jin, vice president of the group, focused his attention on a level that is usually easily ignored - Automotive Materials Tai Wan, deputy general manager of overseas companies Yin chenhuang and others witnessed the signing

according to the strategic cooperation agreement signed by the three parties, in the future, Taifu heavy equipment group will cooperate with South Korea West Power and Indonesia Shimizu power to develop the power market and industrial park construction market in Indonesia. By giving full play to the technical strength of South Korea West Power in power projects, good process layout, excellent stability of amplifiers and rich experience in overseas projects, as well as Taifu's planning and design of turnkey projects and high-end equipment manufacturing, With strong comprehensive strength in the construction, operation, financing, industrial services and other aspects of the industrial park, it gives full play to its respective advantages in the fields of Indonesian power projects and local infrastructure construction, integrates its own resources, and realizes complementary and win-win development

as early as May 17, Taifu heavy equipment group signed a memorandum of cooperation with Indonesia's state-owned construction group Wika J9, the testing machine conforming to the national standard gb/t3803 (2) 002 "inspection of pendulum impact testing machine", abar power, and Indonesia's state-owned bpst company in Indonesia. The three parties agreed on the 230 MW coal-fired power plant, seaport, and mineral logistics terminal located in Palu Special Economic Zone in Indonesia Carry out in-depth cooperation on water treatment projects and other projects; Subsequently, on May 23, Taifu heavy equipment group signed a 5000 MW power development cooperation agreement with Wika Jabar power

South Korea west power is one of the large state-owned power enterprises in South Korea, bearing 10% of South Korea's power generation demand; Indonesia Shimizu electric power company is an active power plant equipment supplier in Indonesia and South Korea. Its chairman Kim Daqing is the only foreign member of Indonesia's nawacita Committee. (this article is from Taifu jaw, and all parts should be reinstalled without damage)

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