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The packaging is beautiful and the price is high. People "look at zongzi and sigh"

the Dragon Boat Festival is coming, and zongzi are selling well. Many Western-style cakes have also made zongzi. These zongzi are not made of traditional glutinous rice, but similar to the moon cakes launched in previous years. They just change clothes, but the price is often hundreds of yuan. In this regard, some CPPCC members proposed that the packaging of moon cakes and zongzi was staged every year, resulting in a waste of resources, and proposed to impose a luxury consumption tax on them

a box of high-end zongzi is 1088 yuan

a famous cake brand store in Taiwan launched a limited edition thousand Yuan Dragon zongzi gift box this year. This gift box with a price as high as 1088 yuan has 12 zongzi, which is only nearly 100 yuan each. The clerk explained that matsutake was in the zongzi, so it was more expensive. The gift box also included a box of mung bean cake, a box of fragrant porpoises, two bottles of fruit vinegar and a red egg. After deducting the additional gift price, in fact, these zongzi add up to more than 300 yuan, about 30 yuan each. The most expensive one is fruit vinegar, which costs 250 yuan per bottle

in recent years, it has been very common for Western bakeries to make moon cakes. This year, merchants began to think about zongzi. In chain coffee shops, new zongzi have become the staple of counter display. However, compared with traditional zongzi, these zongzi are a big change: they are not used for hydraulic system cooling; There are Zongye and twine, but all kinds of sweet and glutinous stuffing on the ice skin bag, which is more like pastry. The price of such a box of new zongzi is generally more than 200 yuan

the price of zongzi in supermarkets has risen by 10%

compared with high-end zongzi with hundreds of yuan, traditional zongzi are more favored by ordinary people. In the hypermarket, zongzi counters have been set up in the food area, and the main selling brands are xinghualou and Wuyi Test standard modularization function: it provides the user with the test standard setting Fang Zhai that needs to be used for setting. Staff said that this year, zongzi from local and foreign brands have seen a lot of growth. Among them, low-cost zongzi have disappeared from wufangzhai. The two zongzi simply packed in vacuum plastic bags are between 9.8 and 12.9 yuan, more than 3 yuan higher than last year, an increase of nearly 40%

excessive packaging should be regarded as marketing fraud

in addition to raw materials, labor costs and other reasons, many citizens believe that the main reason for the rising price of zongzi is excessive packaging. Merchants are becoming more and more smart. Now zongzi is also a high-end machine, and there are no fewer gimmicks than moon cakes

people concerned agree with this question: the annual moon cake war and zongzi war have pushed the luxury packaging to sky high prices. Excessive packaging is not only a waste of resources, but also an out and out marketing fraud

in fact, many countries have clear regulations on packaging. For example, Japan stipulates that the packaging cost should not exceed 15% of the selling price; South Korea classified excessive packaging as an illegal act, with a maximum fine of up to 3million won

for this reason, some CPPCC members suggested that the part of the packaging capacity that is more than 20% of the container space should be calculated according to the relevant luxury consumption tax law of the state; All other goods not produced by the same manufacturer in the package and not marked by the package are over packaged, which shall be calculated according to the relevant luxury consumption tax law of the state; All taxes shall be borne by the merchant and the buyer respectively, and the taxes paid by the merchant can only be deducted from the profits

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