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Packaging the delicacy endowed by nature (Part 1)

Harry D gas spring experimental machine is suitable for the experiment and analysis of the tension, pressure, displacement, curve and so on of gas spring. Avid's perishable crisp pears and other fruit products can maintain their good quality from fruit picking to fruit eating on the table, This is due to the use of a small iron sheet inserted at the bottom of the main body to adjust a movable automatic packaging box packaging machine they use. The packaging machine can adapt to various sizes of packaging boxes, and can work outdoors

Harry David company is one of the major food gift companies in the United States. It is very critical for them to maintain the original quality of their products. The company is located in Medford or. For more than 70 years, they have been using the best raw materials to provide sweet fruits, desserts, flower gifts, household accessories, high-end candy and delicious hospitality to the market. The company has always advertised itself as "exquisite materials and the pursuit of perfection". They choose every piece of fruit sold by hand

Harry David company occupies a leading position in the market. They are not ordinary mail order assembly workshops: they grow their own fruits, bake their own cakes, and even make their own chocolate in their candy products. This is due to the passionate employees in the company, some of whom have manually wrapped exquisite gift baskets and tied silk bows for the company every Christmas for more than 45 years. (the company also operates its own brand of Harry David retail stores, which are scattered all over the country and are very popular.)

sara Lee bakery group has been focusing on the baking industry, thanks to a customized labeling machine/tape sealing application system for PET containers

in 1934, Harry and David brothers first sold their delicious and rare pears to enterprises, the Royal Riviera (R) brand series. The growth of this delicious pear is easily affected by climate and environment; They are only grown in southern France or Oregon. During the great depression, the company's business began to decline. At this time, the brothers directly visited customers and provided them with samples of juicy pears to taste. Harry and David never look back. Today, Harry David's equipment is not all used for the detection of flexible packaging materials, and dozens of fruits are sold, including seasonal and regional preference fruits, such as apples, oranges, peaches, nectarines, plums, strawberries, apricots, blueberries, plum apricots (a fruit cultivated by cross breeding of plum and apricot), figs, various tropical fruits, and even vegetables. Nevertheless, Royal Riviera pears are still the company's main products

the company's commitment to the delivery of its unique gift is the most powerful guarantee: "you and anyone who receives your gift will be happy, otherwise we will realize it for you, or change or return it, which is entirely up to you."

the packing box filled with pears enters the sealing part of the packaging system immediately after passing through the sealing machine

hundreds of products and other gifts of different sizes and shapes are packed in a variety of decorative, embossed boxes. The lid of these boxes is printed with the logo of Harry David company. To ensure the high quality of all products is not just a small skill, they are very challenging in the market. The company harvests fruits and packages these perishable and fragile products as well as exquisite candy and other things. Each piece of fruit is carefully wrapped with gold foil or gauze like moisture-proof film by hand, and then skillfully put them into the beautifully decorated gift packaging

After that, these packages will be transported out of the factory in the fastest and most effective way without damaging the products in the packages. In the supply chain where these products are transported from Harry David's Bear Creek operations, Inc. plantation in Medford, speed is undoubtedly the key factor to ensure that the products maintain extremely high quality. However, if we only pay attention to speed and ignore the careful protection of fruits, we will lose the quality of products for the sake of efficiency. Crushing fruits or other physical damage to fruits will be the most obvious consequence, but there are other potential dangers

beautifully printed packages are shipped off the assembly line after the tape is sealed

because fresh fruits and other fresh foods picked from orchards are on the shelf for a short time, and an active ecosystem will remain around, they can continue to "absorb" oxygen. The environment in fruit packaging has been changing with the changes of gas and humidity produced in the process of fruit metabolism. If the wrong packaging method or inappropriate packaging materials are used, problems will occur, which will increase the humidity of the hollow part of the package. This will promote the growth of microorganisms in the fruit, so in short, no matter what kind of experimental machine damages the weak fruit fiber tissue

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