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Taifu heavy equipment: new orders of 19.8 billion yuan in 2015

on January 29, it was learned from the summary and commendation annual meeting of Jiuhua Taifu heavy equipment group that in 2015, the accessories added by Taifu could be completed by the joint close cooperation of Audi control device combination development department, Langsheng fiber reinforced plastic technology development department, Klaus mafi Technology Co., Ltd. and Christian Karl siebenwurst GmbH Co. kg modelbau und formenbau The main business of mechanical property experiments of steel wire ropes, weldments, fasteners and components grew rapidly, with new orders of 19.8 billion yuan throughout the year, including overseas orders of 2 billion yuan

since it settled in Xiangtan Economic Development Zone, Taifu has always been the leading enterprise in the advanced equipment manufacturing industry of our city. At present, the output value of this enterprise has exceeded 10billion yuan. Taifu's business covers many industrial engineering construction fields, such as power plants, steel mills, ports, marine engineering equipment supporting facilities, etc; At present, Xiangtan Jiuhua advanced equipment intelligent manufacturing demonstration park has been basically built to enrich and expand the connotation of the exhibition, and won the title of "national industrial enterprise quality benchmark" for the first time

Zhang Yong, chairman of Taifu heavy equipment Co., Ltd., said, "in 2016, Taifu will adhere to the key markets and main businesses, complete the infrastructure construction of Jiuhua phase II and put it into use, start the Tianjin project, deeply embrace 'Internet +', improve the construction of financial platform, and strive to realize the reorganization and listing of the company."

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