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The package is not marked with IPPC, and the roaming loss of goods is heavy.

the wooden package of export goods can only be returned after an international roaming because it is not labeled with IPPC logo. The Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau revealed yesterday that an enterprise in Shenzhen paid a high international roaming fee for its export goods due to illegal wooden packaging, which also damaged the reputation of the enterprise in the supply and transformation of electrolytic aluminum

according to the staff of Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, a Shenzhen enterprise recently exported a batch of ceramic products from Shekou to Canada. When the goods arrived in Vancouver, Canada, the Canadian Frontier Inspection Bureau found that the goods were packed in wooden packages, but they were not marked with IPPC. It was found that the wooden packages of the goods did not meet the requirements and were returned

Mr. Wang, the owner of the goods, had to fly from Shenzhen to Canada to handle the relevant return procedures. This return not only caused him a direct economic loss of nearly 50000 yuan, but also assumed the breach of the trade contract and damaged the company's reputation

according to the "guidelines for the management of wood packaging materials in international trade" formulated by the International Plant Protection Convention Organization (IPPC), many countries and regions require imported wood packaging to be held according to the international standard round sample diameter: Φ 13~ Φ 40mm; Implement pest control treatment and apply IPPC special logo. Some countries also regard IPPC logo as the only customs clearance credential for wooden packaging. Once it is found that the imported goods are not marked with IPPC special logo, the goods are not allowed to be imported if the advertising cost cannot be calculated

experts from Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau said that there have been many cases of return of Shenzhen export goods due to wood packaging for similar reasons. They hope that export enterprises can understand the relevant provisions of wood packaging of export goods and log in to Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau station to inquire about the list of relevant packaging enterprises

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