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MRM focuses on the digital printing market

Moore response marketing (MRM), a subsidiary of Donnelly, is currently strengthening its digital printing capabilities

mrm has recently decided to enhance its digital printing capacity for special samples (finished and semi-finished products) to meet the growing personalized and shorter production cycle needs of customers and the market

Eamon Burke, the sales director of MRM UK, said, "we are expanding our service capacity to shorten the delivery time and ensure the highest quality. The construction of the expanded plant is under way, and the digital printing production space after completion will be twice that of the current."

mrm has seen the growing market demand for personalized printing and muti versioned direct mail

those market characteristics cause the response rate of MRM customers from its customers to rise, which in turn makes the demand for flexibility and production capacity greater

Burke also said, "we have seen great development recently, especially in the production of personalized financial statements and new concepts. In addition, the power and profitability of personalized and attractive digital direct mail have benefited international mail order companies. Through this expansion, we look forward to making our leading position in Europe run software deeply rooted."

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