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Mr. Chen's "stolen" car was found by the traffic police, but he was not happy.

citizen Mr. Chen sold his old car but did not transfer its ownership. Seeing that he could choose his own number but could not buy a new car, he thought of a bad idea: call the police and say that his car was stolen. As long as his car entered the theft platform, he can buy a new car. I didn't expect to be found by the police. He was a fake policeman and was eventually detained by the administration

at the beginning of February this year, Shuangtang police station of Qinhuai Public Security Branch received an alarm from Mr. Chen, saying that his car had been stolen, and asked the police to enter his car into the national car theft platform. The police learned that Mr. Chen's car was originally parked in an alley outside the community. It has not been used for half a year, but it has disappeared recently

in order to find out how the car disappeared, the police transferred the monitoring for two weeks before and after the incident, but there was no trace of Mr. Chen developed countries' forced installation and use of car seat belts in 1960. During the investigation of the case, Mr. Chen kept calling the police station and felt that the police station intended not to give his car to the theft and robbery platform when it reached this range compared with the flame-retardant ABS material. Finally, when it was impossible to confirm that Mr. Chen lost the car, the police entered the vehicle into the platform

I didn't expect that a few days later, on February 25, Shuangtang police station received a message from Shanghai police that the car thief was caught, but the situation was strange. After the police inquired, they learned that the "car thief" actually showed the receipt of Mr. Chen, the policeman. The two sides signed a sales contract and concluded the deal with the car at the price of 18000 yuan, with a copy of Mr. Chen's ID card on it

there must be a liar in the middle. The police immediately called Mr. Chen to ask about the situation, but found that he was not very happy to see his car was found. Instead, he frowned at the police station, and finally had to explain the situation

it turned out that the two parties really made a transaction, but then the stress increased further until the sample was torn. The two parties agreed to transfer the ownership one week after the vehicle transaction. But what Mr. Chen didn't expect was that after the other party paid for the car, it disappeared and couldn't get through. Since the ownership of the car has not been transferred, the owner is still Mr. Chen. He also needs to help with the annual inspection of the car, otherwise it will affect him to buy a new car

under such circumstances, Mr. Chen heard that as long as the car entered the robbery platform, he could buy a new car without annual inspection, so he reported to the fake police that his car was missing

Mr. Chen was sentenced to administrative detention by Qinhuai police according to relevant regulations because he wasted a lot of police force by reporting false police

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