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Moxa will appear at the 2009 Asian Wind Energy Conference editor's note: moxa will participate in the 2009 Asian Wind Energy Conference and international wind energy equipment exhibition from July 8 to 10. This time, it will mainly introduce three products of moxa, namely eds-408a-3m, S8000 and v481

moxa is committed to creating a green world. For this reason, we not only produce "green products" that comply with the EU WEEE Directive and ROHS directive, but also eliminate the use of PFOS in most products. In addition, moxa is also committed to the construction and development of clean energy. For a long time, moxa has actively participated in the construction of wind power projects all over the world. In China, moxa has also worked hard to promote the development of clean energy in China, and provided a comprehensive solution for the development and utilization of clean energy in China in a professional spirit

the 2009 Asian Wind Energy Conference and international wind energy equipment exhibition will be held at the China International Exhibition Center from July 8 to 10, 2009. As a member committed to the construction of clean energy, moxa will also provide a variety of solutions at this exhibition to comprehensively display related products and their applications

so far, moxa has been successfully applied in all wind fields in China:


moxa eds-408a-3m series is an 8-port tubular Industrial Ethernet switch with 3 optical fiber interfaces and ultra-thin shape design. The unique 3-port design makes eds-408a-3m series more suitable for industrial applications. For example, in wind power plants, eds-408a-3m can not only connect the wind, but also build redundant networks to ensure reliable and stable data transmission. Eds-408a-3m can work at -40 to 75 ° C. In addition, it also has the network management function of the switch, which is easy to use

nport s8000

nport S8000 is the first product of nport S8000 series, nport s8455i-mmsc, which integrates full-function tube switches into an industrial serial port device connected server. Nport s8455i-mm-sc has 2 optical fiber ports, 3 Ethernet ports, and 4 rs-232/422/485 serial ports. It is easy to connect the serial port equipment in the design fan with the main body separated from the dynamometer to the network, and build a reliable redundant network. Users do not need to buy a separate switch and serial port server

thinkcore v481 is an immediately available intelligent communication server with VGA, dual ports, 8 serial ports, CF card slots, USB interface and audio interface. Because of its technology, the ultra large injection molding machine adopts the displacement of the beam to measure the deflection, which is inappropriate. The content is high. The whole system is based on Intel x86 processor. The system is equipped with VGA interface specially designed for industrial applications, which is suitable for harsh industrial sites. In the application of wind farm, v481 can monitor the status of generator and the data communication of PLC equipment and its related peripherals in the field

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