The hottest MPP and new injection and blow molding

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MPP and new injection molding and blow molding grades

Basell introduced new injection molding and blow molding grades with better transparency and low extraction logistics, and MPP family materials have been expanded in terms of energy-saving effect

metocene x50182 is an 18 MFR brand used for directional bottles and cans, which can compete with pet and HDPE in hot filling packaging, and bottles and cans for fruit flavored water, sports drinks, iced fruit juice and applesauce................................. Formula (6) is applicable. The transparency (haze 1.5%) of this resin is equivalent to that of PET bottles, and its gloss is higher than that of traditional PP

metocene x70293 (40 MFR) and x50109 (60mfr) are two new types of plastic resin. This structure has the advantages of high stiffness, high efficiency and stable transmission. It is specially designed for medical test vessels and optical disk boxes. In addition to high transparency, low extraction flow and good dimensional stability, these brands also meet FDA and USP class VI standards. When making CD-ROM boxes, metocene saves 40% of the weight than transparent PS materials, and the cycle time is 10% faster. It has stronger crack resistance and lower mold cost. Metocene plastic box has good overall connectivity and side stretch to prevent the box from collapsing. Transparent metocene resin coloring is also easy

other uses also include household products, consumer goods packaging, thin-walled cups and containers in the next few years. For many items that can use PS, such as containers and hangers, metocene reduces the weight by 15% due to its low resin density. It is said that the appearance of metocene clothes hanger and the clothes hanger made of gpps/hips mixture are not only 35% lighter, but also have higher burst resistance and better processability

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