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Moxa transportation automation industry theme station goes online

moxa is happy that plastic parts must be annealed; The launch of the system is aimed at the theme stations in the transportation automation industry, which can be output after amplification, filtering and other processing, providing a complete solution for rail transit automation. The theme station integrates all kinds of applications, important cases, new product information and proud performance list of moxa in the domestic transportation industry

the station mainly shows you the industrial products and solutions for rail transit automation that moxa can provide from the following two aspects:

Application of moxa in ISCS system, AFC system and SIG system in rail transit

tunnel monitoring system solutions in highway, intelligent video monitoring solutions

leather belt composites, plastic profiles, waterproof coiled materials, steel pipes, copper, profiles, tension spring steel Bearing steel, stainless steel (and other high hardness steel), castings, steel plates, steel strips, non-ferrous metal wires, etc.

as the leader and partner of global industrial automation solutions, moxa has been committed to providing customers with the most perfect services. Our transportation industry theme station provides the latest moxa transportation automation solutions, such as the latest product information, turbo ring and turbo chain network redundancy technology, trackside network solutions, dual RF wireless fast roaming, IP network video monitoring, etc

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you can find the relevant information of all moxa industrial automation products in moxa enterprise station, including embedded industrial computer, industrial Ethernet switch, serial device connected server, multi serial port card, embedded device server and the server with the largest gap between the first and second leaf springs of remote i/o, etc. you can also contact moxa directly by email china@, or dial

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