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Application of moxaed6008 products in the control system of textile mills

our successful impact testing machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. we have developed this kind of special broaching machine according to various advanced experience in this field at home and abroad, and seamlessly integrated the production process control system, which has significantly improved our production efficiency. " 4. After the experiment, everyone knows that the textile factory has produced colorful textile products for us to meet people's growing needs, but most people don't know that the production process is very complex. The production site is hot and humid, and there are dyes and other harmful substances that affect the health of operators. A practical application example is SSF dye finishing company in Thailand, which is a modern chemical plant that uses the new technology of Panasonic exchange servo Electromechanical to maintain 24-hour production and operation. As the temperature in the workshop exceeds 50 ℃, the general commercial switch cannot work stably in this environment at all, but the production puts forward the demand for high reliability of the automation system as shown in Table 2. At the same time, because the whole production process of SSF factory is distributed in multiple buildings, how to realize long-distance communication is also an important consideration. Engineers of SSF company finally adopted the industrial Ethernet server ed6008-mm-sc of moxa to connect different industrial automation equipment. Optical fiber communication ensures the long-distance and immunity to electromagnetic interference of the communication system

ssf network manager believes: "The automation challenge faced by textile mills today is to centrally manage increasingly complex equipment and communication networks. Equipment and networks may be together, distributed in a wide geographical area, or even distributed in every corner of the world. The emergence of moxa Industrial Ethernet device server undoubtedly provides the best solution to solve these problems. The active alarm function in case of failure/abnormality facilitates network management, and the mirror end The port function makes it more convenient for field automation engineers to conduct communication debugging and communication monitoring. "

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