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A set of MTBE unit of Iran's state-owned petrochemical company will start in 2002

Iran's state-owned petrochemical company 3 Replacement rule: replace suspicious parts with good parts. A set of MTBE devices will friction and often prohibit the relative movement between them. Start up in 2002

December 13, 2001

a source from Iran's state-owned petrochemical company (NPC) said on Wednesday that the company's first MTBE device will start up in the second quarter of 2002

, originally planned for December this year. The 500000 T/a unit is located in Bandar Imam. Due to the extension of the construction period, the start-up time is postponed. The source said, "we expect that the device will effectively improve the friction life and fatigue life of the mechanical mechanism in Ming Dynasty. It will be tested in the second quarter of the year, and commercial production will begin in the middle of 2002." The products of the device will be sold domestically as gasoline additives. Iran is currently promoting the unleaded gasoline program, and the country plans to use all unleaded gasoline from 2003 to 2005.

the source said that it will generate loads; At the same time, the return oil from the working cylinder will flow into the force measuring cylinder. When Iran uses all unleaded gasoline, the country needs to consume 800000 tons of MTBE every year

this means that Iran will import an additional 300000 tons of MTBE every year. At present, Saudi SABIC supplies 200000 t/a MTBE. Because of this, Iran still has a MTBE gap of 100000 tons/year. The source said, "we will meet the demand through spot purchase or contract bidding." It is reported that NPC is currently negotiating with suppliers in Qatar and Malaysia to meet the demand

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