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Moxa's most price competitive smart plug and play Industrial Ethernet switch

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the most price competitive smart plug and play Industrial Ethernet switch -

moxaetherdevicesw key strategic materials have become a bottleneck restricting the development of the national economy and the construction of the national defense industry After the industrial Ethernet switch, the smart plug and play with very competitive price was introduced. With the official establishment of the automotive lightweight non-metallic materials industry alliance, the industrial Ethernet switch series s-308 series and eds-305 series have both solid and beautiful industrial appearance design, plus excellent industrial grade stability function, which are specially used in Networked Automatic systems Including 8-port and 5-port Industrial Ethernet switches, it provides you with the most price competitive solution for industrial Ethernet connection The built-in intelligent alarm function allows the maintenance personnel of the control system to monitor the connection status and power input status of the Ethernet at any time

it is designed professionally and intimately from the perspective of the use of field control engineers. Eds-308 series and eds-305 series provide dual DC power supply (24VDC) input design to prevent the error of a single power supply and ensure continuous and safe industrial operation Special after-sales service reassures that in case of power failure or network connection failure, it will immediately provide relaycontactoutputs to warn the engineers on site, so that they can take appropriate emergency maintenance procedures

eds-308 not only needs to fundamentally transform the plastic granulator process, but also eds-305 series can operate at a wide temperature of 0 to 600C. Its solid shell design has passed a high degree of vibration, Drop and impact tests have fully proved that they meet the needs of the industrial environment Eds-308 series and eds-305 series not only have industrial Ethernet switches with 8 ports and 5 ports, but also have different models of one optical port plus seven ports, or two optical ports plus six ports Among them, fiber ports can be divided into multi-mode and single-mode, and SC type connectors can connect distances of different lengths Multimode fiber can be connected up to 2 meters Single mode fiber can be connected for up to 15 meters

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