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Moxa sincerely invites you to participate in the force control technology & moxa (Shanghai) training course

global manufacturing and consumption patterns begin to reshape. The Shanghai Branch of Beijing 3D force control technology Co., Ltd. will hold a two-day force control software technology training seminar at East China University of technology in Shanghai, which will be taught by engineers of 3D force control company who have rich theoretical foundation and many years of engineering practice, with typical application case analysis and demonstration. Moxa will also participate in this training course, and will send professional maintenance engineers to the site within 24 hours in combination with ForceControl 6 1. Explain the functions of products and moxa network control products, so that you can not only understand the latest and most comprehensive software and hardware product information, but also more intuitively learn the force control monitoring configuration software and the specific application of moxa products in various industries. The purpose of this training course is to strengthen the relationship between force control and users, so that everyone can better understand and master the functions of force control software and moxa series products

※ training content:

structure of force control software; Use of project manager; Create an instance of force control application project; Development environment of force control software; Use of variables; Real time database configuration; Configuration of animation connection; Write action script; Alarms and events; Real time trend and historical trend curve; Historical report and universal report; Configuration of force control strategy generator; Safety management of operation system

※ training method:

a large number of experiments show that the training course adopts multimedia teaching method, which can inspire the customer's developers, creative personnel and designers to solve problems at any time, so as to ensure the teaching quality and experience the powerful function of force control

※ training time:

September, 2010 (Thursday to Friday) 9:00am---17:00pm

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