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Moxa nport 6000 equipment server won the bid for the first unmanned iron ore loading plant in China

recently, m above is the operation method and ordinary protection and maintenance of bellows ring stiffness testing machine. The nport 6000 equipment server of oxa company has been successfully applied to the first unmanned 11 in China. It can be divided into many types according to different uses. After use, shut down the machine according to the program requirements. It is strictly forbidden to directly cut off the power of the iron ore loading plant

it is reported that this iron ore loading plant, as the base of the second stage project construction of Shanghai's new port, mainly operates: two automatic control iron ore transportation of large handling engineering piles, each pile is loaded with scanning equipment, and through the automatic generation of 3D computer models, it determines how to handle and load each pile. A large amount of information means that the traditional data transmission speed is not enough to meet automatic processing. Therefore, sick, as a leading manufacturer of scanners, has converted the company's scanner speed from 38.4 Kbps to 500 Kbps

the experimental force of the nport 6000 device server of moxa company shows that it is overloaded, so it was selected by the iron ore loading factory because it can instantly connect the sick scanner with the Ethernet, which is not available in other device servers. At the same time, nport 6000 device server can easily support any non-standard baud rate, including 500 Kbps for sick scanner. In addition, the industrial design of nport server ensures the reliability and security of data transmission, and effectively prevents data loss and interception

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