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Moxa day - power application technology exchange will be held soon

moxa will launch its first moxaday event in Shanghai on May 29. With the theme of "power application in technology exchange meeting", the event invited relevant people in the power industry to discuss the development direction of substation digital application and the application technology that the market demand for new products LED lamp heat dissipation shell is also rapidly climbing. At that time, guests can have in-depth exchanges with their counterparts in power industry and the technical support engineers of moxa company

with the rapid development of power system, the structure and operation mode of power network have become increasingly complex in the past 16 years, and the emergence of IEC61850 standard is also a subversive innovation of the traditional substation automation system that has always remained unchanged. The main feature of new products based on IEC61850 international standard is that products from different manufacturers can be interconnected, which will also become the future network communication architecture. 6. Why should we strengthen the construction of new material collaborative innovation system? The development direction of. When IEC61850 guides the rapid development of the whole digital substation, how should we deal with it and launch effective solutions? As a leading brand of industrial communication, moxa is actively launching products with newer technology and better functions to meet the new development needs of the power industry in the face of the new trends and trends in the power market. I believe moxaday can bring you a new and refreshing experience

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