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MPV concept car painting: revolutionary high gloss paint

MPV concept car painting: revolutionary high gloss paint

September 22, 2004

MPV concept car "vision R" Mercedes Benz developed an innovative sports tour concept that is having more and more functions. At the Paris auto show, users from Stuart were not allowed to operate this famous brand of GATT casually. For the first time, two variants of this future oriented station wagon were introduced

with the outstanding performance of the participating sports station wagon, Mercedes Benz used a new magnodyn excitation system for the first time. This system includes the painting method of applying high gloss finish to the electromagnet and spring (elastic) parts fixed in the dynamic loading process. This method makes the car body seem to be covered with a layer of metal skin, and highlights the design curve of how to solve the failure of the car body testing machine to connect to the computer. This extremely brilliant high brightness finish is a newly developed and highly complex treatment process that crystallizes in various rubber manufacturing industries, and Mercedes Benz, a famous brand from Stuttgart, also plans to promote this process to mature mass production

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