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Rnhard mattes: the industrial pattern of the global automotive industry (attached figure)

on April 16-18, 2019, the high-profile 2019 China Automotive forum was grandly held in Shanghai. The theme of this forum is "innovation, openness, green - focus on the changes and opportunities of the automotive industry". According to the statistics of the organizing committee, more than 2000 guests at home and abroad attended the forum. The China Automotive forum is a top-level high-end automotive forum in China, jointly sponsored by the China Association of automotive manufacturers (CAAM) and the CCTV financial channel of China Central Radio and television, and supported by the world automotive Organization (oica). On the morning of April 17, rnhard mattes, a senior official of oica and chairman of VDA, delivered a keynote speech on behalf of oica. The following is the transcript of the speech:

rnhard mattes, senior official of oica and chairman of VDA

Bernhard mattes: experts from all over the world, chairman Wan Gang, Mr. Dong Yang and Mr. Fu Bingfeng. I am very happy to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Dong Yang for his close cooperation and friendship with us over the past many years. I also want to deal with Mr. Wang and say that our future cooperation will be further strengthened, and we will also make our contribution to the future development of cars. Thank you very much

ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for inviting me here to participate in today's forum. I am also very honored to speak here on behalf of VDA and oica. VDA automobile industry association is an organization with a history of more than 100 years, supporting the development of more than 600 members. Our goal is to promote the development of the automobile industry to the greatest extent. Different opinions among members can further enhance our position and role, enable everyone to share our views with each other, find the best views and strategies, and continue to develop. We have branches in Berlin, Brussels and Beijing. We work closely with the China Automobile Industry Association. We are also members of oica. We share the achievements we have created in the automotive industry and hope to promote future development. We are also very happy to welcome the first president of oica from China at the end of this year, which reflects the importance the world automotive industry attaches to China, which is important to the automotive industry, It is of far-reaching significance to China's automobile industry

in 2018, due to the trade conflict between the United States and China, the automotive industry was also impacted. The development of China's automotive industry has been relatively sluggish in recent months. In 2018, the world sales of passenger cars was about 84 million, slightly lower than last year, but I think we will still maintain a similar level in 2019. Take another look at 2018, the sales volume of passenger cars in Europe was about 15.6 million, with the strongest growth in Britain, France and Spain also growing, and the momentum in Italy is weak. The sales volume of cars in 2019 and Europe will remain at a good level, about 15.5 million

sales in the U.S. market were also high in 2018 and are expected to remain flat in 2019. After more than 20 years of growth, China is now slightly relaxed. In 2018, we can see a slight decline in the production and sales of cars. The sales volume of passenger cars was 23.3 million, of which German brands, especially high-end brands, performed well, with a market share of 22%. There will also be some fluctuations in this market in 2019. We believe that the foundation for the future development of this market still exists, and the second half of 2019 will be better than the first half. The German automobile industry association also continues to maintain a close cooperative relationship with China. I also believe that today's meeting in Shanghai is very important for us to discuss the development of the future automobile industry and how we can work together, not just the samples knocked down by hammering. I also believe that this is an important opportunity for the automobile industry to integrate with each other and innovate together. Through innovative cooperation, we have been able to make great progress in the automotive industry in the past 100 years

talking about the future trend, we will also see a lot of development in travel. Now the world's population is increasing, urbanization is developing, and there is no doubt that the requirements for transportation will further increase. This is an irrevocable trend, and the purchasing power of the middle class is increasing. People's buying behavior will change. The new generation of young people may not buy a car, but they still need travel services. Digitalization and Internet are also expanding. They are our future customers. And I think for the changes and challenges we face in the future, today we have encountered the most appropriate platform for discussion. At the same time, we can also see some other urgent needs to be solved, such as the needs of the environment and energy conservation. For the automotive industry, we need further development, we need energy conservation, and we need to reduce emissions from cars, which is a very serious challenge. But at the same time, it also means that we can have the opportunity to create a more sustainable automobile industry in the future. At the same time, we can see the role and significance of low-carbon and decarbonization in transportation, and the world automobile industry is also making continuous efforts

electric vehicles have developed very fast. In 2018, the light electric vehicle market in the United States increased by 71% to more than 340000 vehicles, while in Europe, it increased by 31% to 299000 vehicles. The market size in China is more than 1million. We can see the development of China in the new energy industry. In the report of chairman Wan Gang, we have also been very clearly confirmed and heard about the vision of future development. And in Germany, we can also see the development of more automotive industry and new energy. Germany will invest more than 40billion euros in Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. Jinan Jing university type experimental machine factory in the future technology. In the future, we will also see more new electric vehicles in the Chinese market. However, this does not mean that our internal combustion engine vehicles will withdraw from the stage of history. There was a rumor that Germany will ban internal combustion engine vehicles, which will not happen. We need to meet the requirements of emission regulations for European automotive materials in the period of aluminum. The goal of carbon dioxide emission reduction is very ambitious. By 2030, European automotive manufacturers need to achieve high-tech production of new instrumentation products, reducing emissions by 37.5% for passenger cars and 31% for trucks, which is compared with the level in 2021. By 2025, we need to reduce emissions by 15%. If we fail to meet the requirements, we will be punished, and the policy will be further tightened in the future. This means that compared with 2018, ev sales will increase by 20 times, charging piles need to increase by 30 times, power consumption in the transportation industry will increase by 20 times, and battery efficiency will increase by 25 times, which is a huge challenge, but we will strive to achieve the goal. Therefore, the development of electric vehicles and automotive batteries will be very huge. In the process of VDA, we also hope to do our best to promote the realization of traffic electrification

of course, we also have further development of ice, including the improvement of efficiency, the use of more alternative energy vehicles, the use of more renewable energy, the optimization of transportation, and the improvement of digital services, so in fact, in order to achieve the goals of emission reduction and energy conservation, we need to start from multiple perspectives, rather than relying only on a certain solution, so we need various plans and services, Work together to make various solutions serve our energy conservation and emission reduction. Of course, in this process, we see that electric vehicles play an increasingly important role in travel. Besides electrification, we are also facing the development of digitalization and intelligence, which will be a very important part of the future travel mode. Artificial intelligence plays an important role in this part, especially in the development of automatic driving. Its potential is very great, and it will promote the development of automatic driving to a great extent, change the production and use of cars in the future, and improve traffic conditions. Moreover, the interconnection of urban vehicles and the interconnection with traffic indication facilities is becoming more and more important. Now, our new car has been equipped with camera based or other sensors to help human drivers, including rear collision avoidance, or other sensors, and provide warnings in the case of lane departure, overtaking, etc., as well as intersection warning based on radar, as well as voice control instead of button control

so with the development of autonomous driving, we can see the future direction more clearly. In Germany, we can say that we have been very successful in the automotive industry. We do not blindly attract the attention of the public with unfinished products, and digitalization means that automotive manufacturers will become travel service providers. The development of AI requires more support from other basic technologies and services, and it will bring more other applications in the future, such as car sharing, For example, the changes in the application mode of cars are in the ascendant, and they will develop together with autonomous driving to achieve more breakthroughs. We all see that far-reaching and huge changes have taken place in our automobile industry, and we should continue to look forward. We will find that such trends will involve everyone. We don't need external forces to force us to move forward, which is a natural process of moving forward. Roland Berger's statistics show that in 2020, we will see more sales of electric vehicles and greater demand for shared driving in the Chinese and American markets. In 2025, this demand will reach 2.5 million or more. In the future, with the development of automatic driving, such as taxis, automatic driving, and the automation of commuter vehicles, the way of travel will also be changed, Demand will double by 2030. Driving sharing and the provision of travel services will also develop together with electric vehicles, which is the future we can see

autonomous driving will also play an important role. I think autonomous driving will be a very important option for drivers in the future, and it will also be an important method to help drivers. Just like a coin has two sides, drivers can choose to drive by themselves or by themselves. We see that the autonomous driving and automobile industry will also further develop steadily. Some people say that the automobile industry will repeat the mistakes of some industries, such as cameras and. I believe that in these industries, innovation should be realized not only in hardware, but also in software. The difference is that the car is the only carrier that can integrate various innovations, improve its own value, and combine people's travel needs with the needs of mobile Internet. No matter the transmission of information, the application of GPS, voice control, energy storage and other applications will be realized on the car, and will increasingly rely on the Internet. The automobile will be the carrier of our innovation in the past 130 years, and our future development will be faster. With the continuous development of digitalization, we will have more opportunities for enterprises to seize this opportunity to further develop, just like zero emission vehicles, this opportunity is endless

the good news is that we can better bring value to users, make driving more convenient and safe, and let people enjoy the benefits of car interconnection. With the further development of automobile interconnection, the speed of development is getting faster and faster. We need to create a good ecological environment to promote its development, which requires electrification

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