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Shandong will accelerate the development of polyurethane and other new material industries at the end of March, the Shandong provincial government launched the opinions on the development of new material industries. According to the plan, by 2012, the output value of the new material industry will exceed 1300billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%

Shandong Province plans to cultivate three new material industrial bases of polyurethane, organic fluorine and organic silicon by 2012; Build a new material industry cluster with characteristics such as new ceramic materials, high-performance fibers, new clothing and textile materials; Develop 600 key new products and technologies, 30% of which reach the international advanced level; Cultivate 12 well-known trademarks in China in the field of new material industry; Newly cultivate 12 National Engineering (Technology) research centers and national enterprise technology centers, and build 3 industry technology centers and other public technology innovation platforms in the fields of high-performance fibers, fluorosilicone materials, new clothing and textile materials

in order to ensure the development of the new material industry, Shandong will set up a special fund to support the new material industry to lay a foundation for the large-scale production of plastic products for automobile and aerospace, support the construction of enterprise technological innovation capacity and major industrialization projects, increase financial credit support, encourage multi-channel financing, implement preferential tax policies, strengthen policy publicity and implementation, and implement preferential land policies. Impact on vertical installation in recent years, the new material industry in Shandong Province has developed rapidly. In 2009, the output value of the new material industry in Shandong Province reached 670 yuan. It has cultivated and established a smart United Automobile country with great potential in the use of high-performance tires, damping materials and other aspects. It has more than 0 billion yuan as an innovation center, a far-reaching marine engineering equipment innovation center, 871 high-tech enterprises in the field of new materials, and nearly 30 universities and scientific research institutions involved in the research and development of materials and new materials

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