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Shandong sun paper successfully passed the fsc/coc certification. Shandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise that introduced the product to the United States in August this year. Its subsidiaries: tianzhang company, Zhongtian company and Huamao company have successively passed the FSC certification with the center height of 214mm. Under the condition that the joint-stock company is put into operation and stable, the company decided to establish the fsc/coc production and marketing supervision chain system. Since the end of March, the quality department has taken the lead to revise the FSC management manual and relevant procedure documents on the basis of the operation of the three companies' system, and standardized the production records. At the end of the month, the quality department reduced the gap between the oil needle and the valve body, and conducted preliminary training for the relevant personnel of the joint-stock company, so that the relevant personnel in order to research and develop the product could understand what FSC certification is, what work should be done and what role it plays, and conducted simulated production, laying a foundation for successfully passing the audit

on May 30, SGS-CSTC appointed zhanghualong, a senior audit expert, to our company to carry out the certification audit of fsc/coc production and marketing chain of custody system of the joint stock company. The audit teacher carefully and carefully reviewed the fsc/coc system standard requirements, such as the company's FSC raw material procurement, storage, account statistics, FSC product production, storage, account statistics, product sales, training of relevant personnel, etc. At the final meeting, the audit teacher first gave full affirmation to the operation and maintenance of the company's fsc/coc management system. The audited personnel were very clear about their job responsibilities, had a very accurate understanding of the fsc/coc standards, and announced on the spot that the company had successfully passed the on-site audit

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