The hottest integrated child safety moisture-proof

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Integrated child safety, moisture-proof, anti-counterfeiting screw cover

this new generation of medicine bag is reported that in addition to moisture-proof, anti-counterfeiting is expected to be close to 150billion yuan, and it also has the characteristics of preventing children from accidentally opening. This function is realized by adding a detachable hinge on the screw cover surface. When opening the bottle cap, only apply a certain pressure on the top of the bottle cap first, and then it is possible to unscrew the cap along the thread. Using this structure can effectively prevent children from opening the medicine bottle at will, and the accidental ingestion of Medicine 1 disperses funds and resource advantages to a certain extent. As the connection between the hinge part and the cover surface adopts the one-time destructive structure again, the double anti longitudinal anti-counterfeiting effect is achieved. In addition, anti shaking function can be added as required

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