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"Integration" 2018 China's automotive aluminum wheel industry keyword

Wang Xiaodong, Deputy Secretary General of the wheel Committee of China Association of automobile manufacturers, used a keyword when describing the development of China's automotive aluminum wheel industry in 2018: integration

there are more than 200 enterprises in the domestic automotive aluminum wheel industry, and two clusters have been formed, mainly for the original vehicle supporting market and the after-sales maintenance market. In China, only some backbone aluminum wheel enterprises such as CITIC daika, Lizhong, Wanfeng Aowei, Liufeng and Jinfei Kaida have entered the original automobile supporting market. These large-scale and powerful enterprises have occupied most of the domestic automobile aluminum wheel supporting market. In particular, CITIC daika has exported aluminum wheels to major international automobile aluminum wheel supporting markets for many years

the domestic automobile after-sales maintenance market is not mature enough. As a result, most manufacturers in the domestic automotive aluminum wheel industry mainly supply to the foreign automotive after-sales maintenance market. Therefore, the competition between domestic aluminum wheel enterprises is mainly concentrated in the domestic automobile supporting market and foreign automobile after-sales maintenance market

there are many small-scale enterprises in the domestic aluminum wheel industry. Most of these enterprises are international and domestic brand OEM manufacturers. The profitability of OEM enterprises is low, and the meager profits mainly come from domestic cheap raw and auxiliary materials and labor. It is necessary for the labor force to correct the position of the origin on the deformation axis) and the slope of the line corresponding to the specified strain will rise, which will lead to the unsustainable operation of these OEM enterprises

there are also some smaller aluminum wheel manufacturing enterprises that imitate the products on the market, have no design and development ability at all, the product quality is low, and can not meet the increasing user requirements

Wang Xiaodong pointed out: "integration is the inevitable trend of the development of domestic automotive aluminum wheel industry."

integration provides opportunities for advantageous aluminum wheel enterprises to expand production scale. Advantageous aluminum wheel enterprises can gain more market share by integrating other enterprises. At the same time, the number of aluminum wheel enterprises is reduced, and the disorderly homogeneous competition is reduced. Advantageous enterprises can concentrate on developing products and serving customers

China has become the world's largest exporter of automotive aluminum wheels for many years. Automobile aluminum wheel manufacturing industry is one of the few sub industries with international competitiveness in China's auto parts industry. Therefore, at the beginning of 2018, Wang Xiaodong was most worried about the anti-dumping investigation launched by foreign countries against Chinese automobile aluminum wheels. However, the actual situation is not as bad as Wang Xiaodong worried. Wang Xiaodong said, "in 2018, China's auto aluminum wheel production is estimated to be nearly 200million, and its export volume is estimated to be nearly 100million, with growth rates exceeding expectations."

in 2019, Wang Xiaodong will be most concerned about Mr. Gao Zhiyu, the global marketing director of the polyester resin division of China automobile Changxing Materials Industry Co., Ltd., who introduced that the aluminum wheel industry has overcome the shortcomings of the traditional power line zigzag testing machine, the improvement of brand influence, the protection of intellectual property rights and the legalization of the replacement and upgrading of China's automotive aluminum wheels

China's automobile aluminum wheels have fully met the technical quality requirements of domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers in terms of output and quality. The production and sales volume has ranked first in the world for many years, but the brand influence is still insufficient. For example, almost all automobile manufacturers show aluminum wheels as the external highlights of new models, but the logo of Chinese automobile manufacturers or Chinese aluminum wheel manufacturers has never been on the front of the original supporting aluminum wheels. Wang Xiaodong believes that it is difficult to protect the intellectual property rights of China's automotive aluminum wheels and improve the brand influence of China's automotive aluminum wheels

"the legalization of aluminum wheel replacement and upgrading in China is also restricted by the provisions on motor vehicle registration of the Ministry of public security." Wang Xiaodong said, "we strongly urge relevant government departments to communicate and negotiate to legalize the replacement and upgrading of automotive aluminum wheels as soon as possible. This is the need of supply side reform and the personalized consumption upgrading of automotive consumers. There is a demand for replacement and upgrading of more than 20million automotive aluminum wheels in the Chinese market every year."

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