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The integrated circuit industry support plan is expected to be issued in the near future.

after a long period of preparation, a new round of integrated circuit industry support plan highly expected by the semiconductor industry is expected to be issued in 1920. The newspaper learned that all provinces across the country will set up industrial support funds dedicated to chip localization. In addition, all relevant ministries and commissions, financial departments and local governments will successively issue supporting policies in the later stage to ensure the steady implementation of the policies

the largest support in the history

whether in terms of strength or mobilization, this is the government's largest support policy for the integrated circuit industry in the past decade. After the relevant leaders proposed to revitalize the integrated circuit industry during the survey in the third quarter of last year, the market immediately paid close attention to this policy. Some people in the semiconductor industry even pointed out that the introduction of the new plan will bring unprecedented development opportunities to the industry

according to China Securities News, this support plan will promote the development of China's integrated circuit industry from two dimensions

first, all provinces should establish industrial funds dedicated to chip localization, which are composed of central finance, local finance and social funds. The fund will support a number of enterprises and key projects of enterprises, and the participation of multiple provinces will further clarify the supporting facilities from upstream to downstream and the surrounding raw material industries. The industrial layout of China's integrated circuits will be further clarified under the implementation of the plan

another level is the support of supporting policies. According to the China Securities Journal, our company said that if you do, please rest assured that this integrated circuit industry support plan will use many resources such as relevant ministries and commissions, finance and taxation departments, local governments, and tax, land and finance will provide policy support for chip localization

it is reported that this support policy covers all links from upstream equipment and design to midstream manufacturing and downstream packaging. Analysts pointed out that both the strength of support and the industrial factors involved in this policy are unprecedented. 4. The amount of water added to the mortar should be carried out in strict accordance with the standards, which is far-reaching for the later trend of the integrated circuit industry

reconstituted chip industry

a person in the semiconductor industry pointed out to the China Securities Journal that China's core technology in the chip field is missing, and the situation of high dependence on imports has not been improved for a long time. The integrated circuit industry needs high capital investment in succession, and the cultivation at the policy level is a good medicine to solve the current chip poverty and weakness in China. The promotion of chip localization will partially solve the problem of self-control in the information field from the root

according to the data, the investment in China's integrated circuit industry in 2010 was only 27.1% of the world's top four semiconductor manufacturing enterprises, and the investment funds were scattered among many enterprises in many provinces and cities. The actual annual total investment of a single enterprise is still less than one tenth of the average investment scale of similar foreign companies, which can not meet the capital needs of the enterprise's own technology upgrading and capacity expansion

in 2012, the scale of China's integrated circuit sales revenue was about 200billion yuan. Analysts pointed out that the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of integrated circuit industry has clearly reduced the risk of users using new materials, and proposed to cultivate a number of internationally competitive design enterprises, manufacturing enterprises, packaging and testing enterprises, as well as equipment and instrument enterprises. The fall of the industrial fund will trigger a new round of reconstruction movement in China's local integrated circuit industry. In addition to the improvement of technical indicators, more diversified capital introduction and the integration of high-quality resources in the industry will become a norm

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