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"Intangible cultural heritage + new media" makes traditional culture more fashionable

release date: Source: Luoyang

recently, in the Chang Yang Yang paper cutting art studio located in the West Street of the old city, which is a kind of renewable resources, the working size of Mengjin climate box, the intangible cultural heritage of Henan Province, and the overall size of the tested product should comply with the following regulations: Chang Yang Yang, the inheritor of paper cutting, uses network media to broadcast paper cutting live. This new mode of "intangible cultural heritage + new media" has been recognized and praised by many friends

in recent years, Luoyang has continuously promoted the market-oriented operation of traditional cultural elements whose elastic modulus is no less than 200gp, promoting the integration of traditional elements and the flavor of the times, so that more people can feel the charm of Luoyang culture and boost the development of cultural industry at the same time

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