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Integrated packaging box and production method

[patent type] invention patent

[patent name] integrated packaging box and production method

[inventor (designer)] Shen Shaojian

[applicant] Hebi Tianyuan paper Co., Ltd.

[address of the main applicant] 458000 Henan Hebi Shancheng District Tanghe Street ninth Lane

[application No.] 3

[application date] March 22, 2005

[approval Announcement No.]

[approval announcement date] September 27, 2006

[main classification No.] b65d about various user-defined word00 linear amplification circuits 12V - 12V dual power drive lm358 chip 0 report 1/22 (2006.01) i

[classification number] b65d1/22 (2006.01) with the continuous rise of the price of plastic chemical raw materials with the development of economy I b65d5/00 (2006.01) I d21j3/10 (2006.01) i

[instruction CD number] d

[Abstract] the invention relates to an integrated packaging box for transporting and packaging fixed articles. The box cover (2) is connected to the upper part of the box body (1), and its size is within a specific range or within the standard range. Papermaking wood pulp and box board recycled pulp are extruded into one. Because the invention is extruded at one time during production, the moisture-proof and anti extrusion effect is remarkable, and the exterior is neat and beautiful, which improves the safety coefficient of the goods during transportation, so it has a broad market prospect

[sovereignty item] 1. An integrated packaging box, which is characterized in that the box cover (2) is connected to the upper part of the box body (1) and is extruded by papermaking wood pulp or box board recycled pulp

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