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The "leading role" of integrated innovation - "2010 China Textile Industry Association product development contribution award"

recently, China Textile Industry Association awarded the "2010 China Textile Industry Association product development contribution award". Nearly 500000 babies were born prematurely each year (hereinafter referred to as the product development contribution Award), and an award ceremony was held in Beijing. 42 companies, including Jining Ruyi printing and dyeing Co., Ltd., xinjack sewing machine Co., Ltd., which can provide excellent gas barrier performance, chemical resistance performance Co., Ltd., Shenzhen gelisi garment industry Co., Ltd., and Tebu (China) Co., Ltd., are on the list

the winners of this year's contribution award cover China Textile 1. The electronic tensile testing machine is divided into: tensile test, pressure test, zigzag test, shear test, 90 peel test, 180 peel test, deflection test, change test, fatigue test, tear test, stiffness test, ring stiffness test, static stiffness test, process test, bursting test, puncture test, cycle test, safety test Endurance test, high temperature test, low temperature test, high and low temperature test, protective test, restrictive test, impact test, ball drop test, hardness test, bonding strength test, bolt tensile test, joint tensile test, sealing strength test, bonding strength test, etc; All kinds of enterprises and non enterprise organizations in the upstream and downstream of the whole clothing industry chain, including: production and operation enterprises of fibers, yarns, fabrics, dyeing and chemical additives, textile machinery, clothing, household textiles, industrial textiles, as well as textile intermediaries, textile industry clusters and professional market related enterprises and management departments. It is understood that from 2011, the China Textile Industry Association will gradually carry out the commendation work for individuals, and plans to launch the selection of product development leaders to establish personal technology pioneers in the industry

establish an effective product development management system

according to Li Binhong, director of the national textile product development center, at the end of the 1990s, the textile product development center of the National Textile Industry Bureau set up a product development contribution award. Later, with the increasing influence of the award in the industry, since 2007, the development contribution award has been operated by the China Textile Industry Association to discover and promote excellent enterprises and business models in the domestic textile and clothing industry with a more comprehensive "industry vision"

"At the beginning, our work focused on the information transmission of popular trends, the promotion of new technologies, processes and equipment, and helping enterprises conceive specific products. However, later, it was found that the probability of success of a single product in a commercial environment was not high. How to make a kind of development that 'is positive in consciousness and blind in direction' more orderly and effective, we felt that the management and construction of product development was very important. Therefore Now, the product development contribution award pays more attention to the orderly innovation of Process Reengineering at the organizational level. The establishment of a product development management system during the 12th Five Year Plan period is also a very important work in the industry. " Li Binhong said

in fact, the effective establishment of product development management system can make enterprises more clearly know which products meet the market demand, which can produce actual economic benefits

however, it is worth noting that the establishment of a product development management system is not an easy thing. It involves the linkage of all links in the product process, that is, taking R & D as the core, connecting procurement, manufacturing, quality inspection to the production, testing, promotion and sales of plastic products, effectively integrating various resources and jointly realizing the development of new products

according to Li Binhong, the product development management system is closely related to the strategic determination, market research, external environment and internal advantages of the enterprise. The enterprise departments involved include the board of directors, technology department, production department, procurement department, information department, marketing department, sales department, etc. In this sense, how to straighten out and coordinate the relationship between various departments in the construction of product development management system, so that all departments can truly achieve "role homing" in this work is of great importance

Dali silk (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. has done remarkable work in this regard. In the process of development, the company continues to strengthen its scientific and technological innovation ability and takes the lead in the application of new technologies, new processes and new materials. In particular, Dali product testing center, established in 2002, has provided strong quality control for the company's products, making its products more protected by "high-quality" coats while leading the trend, expanding the market share of products

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