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Application of foamed PS waste in chemical building materials

with the rapid development of petrochemical and plastic industry, plastic products have been widely used in industry, agriculture and daily life. Polystyrene (PS) is widely used in building materials and household appliances because of its low density (25kg/m3), low water absorption, acid and alkali resistance, good sound insulation, shock resistance, decoration and easy molding, but it also causes serious white pollution, and its recycling rate is less than 20%. If the waste foamed PS is buried deeply, because it is not easy to age and difficult to degrade, it will pollute the groundwater source, destroy the soil structure, and reduce the production of crops such as grain; If it is simply incinerated, it will seriously pollute the air and the atmospheric environment

in view of the above problems, people have explored and practiced the industrial road of using foamed PS waste for chemical building materials, and achieved satisfactory results, creating considerable economic benefits

1. Light roof insulation material

smash the waste foamed PS, add expanded perlite, cement and mortar, mix and mix to achieve major innovation in the field of high molecular material molding and processing at home and abroad. After uniformity, place it on the roof for curing for 3 days, dry naturally, and then trowel it with cement mortar to form a light concrete insulation layer. The material made by this method has the advantages of low production cost, good heat preservation, warm in winter and cool in summer

2. Waterproof coiled material

wash and dry the waste foamed PS, dissolve it with cheap benzene liquid or chlorohydrocarbon residue, add toughening agent and film-forming anti-seepage and wear-resistant agent, mix it into a sticky form, blow it or apply it on the surface of glass cloth, and then form a waterproof coiled material after drying, which can be used for roof or pipe waterproofing. The solvent can be recycled after cooling

at last, it is a fundamentalist country dominated by Islamic power. 3. Fiber reinforced sound insulation and insulation board

smashes waste foamed PS into 0 5. Reduce the impact of human factors on production. Cm particles are added to cement and fiber-reinforced mixture, fully mixed and cured, and can be made into light-weight plates with excellent mechanical properties, which can be prefabricated into composite external walls, indoor thermal insulation boards and blocks, and can also be used for on-site pouring

4. Concrete foaming insulation board

wash the waste foaming PS and crush it into 0 5cm particles, add 425 Portland cement, and the volume ratio of the two is: 1; Add an early strength agent (inorganic alkali) with a mass fraction of 1%-3%, and stir with water to form a slurry; Then add rosin soap foaming agent and stir it into a paste. Put into the mold and demould after 1h. The 10cm thick plate made by water curing for 7 days has good thermal conductivity and compressive strength, which can achieve the thermal insulation effect of 95cm thick clay brick wall. When the roof is used, a layer of cement mortar is plastered on the board, cured with water, and then the asphalt felt is used as a waterproof layer

5. Metal, wood doors and windows and glass sealant

add 50kg of waste foaming ps50kg, 40kg of No. 200 solvent oil and 50kg of xylene into the dissolution tank, stir to dissolve, remove impurities, and prepare transparent PS adhesive. In another dissolving tank, add 13kg1788 industrial grade polyvinyl alcohol, add 80kg water, heat it at ℃, dissolve it, slightly cool it, add 1kg dibutyl phthalate and surfactant octyl phenol polyethylene ether, and add an appropriate amount of bentonite to mix it into paste. The product has fast drying, good performance, excellent acid resistance and weather resistance

6. Asphalt reinforcer

adding waste foamed PS particles to molten asphalt can enhance, heat-resistant and waterproof, and can be used as roof and road building materials

7. Plant fiber reinforced thermal insulation material

waste foamed PS and solvent are made into 5% solution, crushed corncob plant fibers are added, mixed and pressed into shape, which can strengthen the source of toxic and harmful pollution and reduce the use as thermal insulation material

8. The anti-seepage and leakage repairing agent

is produced by hot-melt process with waste foamed PS as raw material and a small amount of plasticizer. The product dries quickly, with good sealing performance, strong adhesion, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance and other characteristics. Its waterproof and anti-corrosion performance is much better than the commonly used plastic ointment and asphalt ointment, and its service life can reach more than 20 years

9. Multi functional resin adhesive

the multi-functional resin adhesive produced from waste foamed PS has the characteristics of good adhesion, high gloss, strong impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc. it is used in the production of various FRP products, which can greatly reduce the production cost. In addition, we can also make waterproof paint, satin paint, furniture putty glue and other products

10. Rusty antirust paint

the rusty antirust paint produced by waste foamed PS is low-cost and can be directly applied to the steel surface with certain rust. It has the triple functions of penetration, rust prevention and corrosion prevention, and can also be used for the surface paint of furniture

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