The hottest integral electric lifting scaffold tha

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The overall electric lifting and lowering scaffold that can monitor the load in sections around 1901

[patentee] Shanghai eighth construction engineering company

[patent No.] ZL 972354 also constitutes a new excess capacity of 67.0

[authorized Announcement No.] cn y

[Abstract] the utility model discloses an overall electric lifting scaffold that can monitor the load in sections, which consists of a scaffold body It is composed of lifting control device, fall prevention safety device and anti tilt device connected with scaffold; The overall electric lifting scaffold is provided with lifting points in sections, each lifting point is provided with a tension sensor, and each tension sensor is connected with a load control module, which is monitored by a computer controller. The utility model has the advantages of less material input, convenient and fast operation, safety and reliability. It can effectively control the lifting point load strictly within the allowable safety range. The former is expensive and eliminates unsafe hidden dangers. In addition, the computer can complete various functions and stop data processing and analysis. The rigid and flexible track type guide anti tilt device is applied to the printing of experimental results, which makes the construction operation convenient and safe

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