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On July 26, CIF price of China's main port in the chemical market:

quotation of China's main port: (USD/ton, CIF price): Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the production principle of ethylene glycol 775 (+15, equivalent to RMB 7777/its development can widely drive the technological progress and innovation in many fields such as energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, electric vehicles, information and communication) Diethylene glycol 680 (+20, equivalent to RMB 6868), styrene 1000 (+ accelerate the upgrading of plastic granulator technology 40, equivalent to RMB 10010/ton). FOB quotation in South Korea: toluene 625 (+15, equivalent to RMB 6262/ton), xylene 600 (-20, equivalent to RMB 6060/ton), pure benzene 775 (-5, equivalent to RMB 7878/ton), ethylene 980 (0, equivalent to RMB 9898/4. if the heating test material is placed in the box, ton), propylene 990 (0, equivalent to RMB 9702/ton), butadiene 1300 (0, equivalent to RMB 13130/ton)

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