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Optimistic about the basic industries in the western part of the mainland, a group of Taiwan businessmen have landed

optimistic about the business opportunities of the development of the western part of the mainland, and a group of Taiwan businessmen in the construction and cement industry have landed to invest in basic industries

the infrastructure of the western development of the mainland has huge potential business opportunities. Taiwan Zhongding Engineering Co., Ltd., Taiwan Glass Group, Asia Cement Co., Ltd., Taiwan Jiantai Cement Co., Ltd. and global Cement Co., Ltd. are all eager to try and move frequently

Zhongding engineering company participated in the development of the western region, and its layout was earlier. Yan Jidong, associate manager of Zhongding engineering, said recently that Zhongding has become the first overseas company in the mainland to undertake public works. Last year, it obtained the Yangtze River Nanjing Sanjiangkou shield tunneling project, with a project amount of NT $300 million. This huge project belongs to the "west to East Gas Transmission Project" of the western development. Zhongding expects to start gas supply in 2004. Zhongding said that Zhongding engineering will also cooperate with mainland China National Petroleum Corporation to participate in the procurement, construction and some design of China National Petroleum Corporation

The Taibo holding group, which has already landed, is now preparing to expand and invest in the mainland. In order to cooperate with the mainland's plan to develop the great western region, Taiwan Glass recently prepared to invest and set up a glass plant with an annual output of 180000 to 200000 tons in Chengdu. A relevant person of Taibo said that according to the organizer Reed Exhibitions Japan, Taibo's Qingdao float company has reserved space for sustainable expansion of its plant area, and the plant area of Taibo Yangtze River Glass Kunshan plant has reserved space for two production lines. In the future, it will decide on a new investment and expansion plan depending on the market demand of the mainland. It is reported that Taiwan glass also considers that Taiwan Glass China holding company, which is 97% owned by Taiwan Glass Group, can apply for A-share listing in the mainland to reduce migration and provide excellent optical rotation resistance for coatings

the cement plant that Yani and Jiantai are preparing to land for investment is also based on the western development plan. Among them, Yani has selected Wuhan to set up a factory, and as the second experiment after Jiangxi, the speed is relatively small; Cement plant; Jiantai is preparing to transport Kaohsiung's original idle plants and mechanical equipment to the mainland, and the location is going to be in the West; Globegroup cement also recently evaluated that the trial production of low iron aluminum in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangdong provinces has officially kicked off. It is expected to invest in the establishment of a cement plant with an amount of about NT $4 billion, and the location is expected to be finalized as soon as the middle of next year

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