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Since September, the painting of old residential areas in Gansu has been comprehensively standardized

since September, the painting of old residential areas in Gansu has been comprehensively standardized

August 14, 2020

most houses in China are built after 2000. With the growth of housing age, the demand for reinstallation is expected to release rapidly. According to our calculation, China's stock construction market is huge, and the average annual reinstallation area can reach more than 4.7 billion square meters of independent "expansion Ao converter" circuits. Since 2019, the central government has significantly increased its attention to old residential areas, and 20-year special bonds can be used for old residential areas. The State Council has determined 39000 old residential areas, Nearly 7million households are involved. According to estimates, the reconstruction of old residential areas is expected to drive the demand for interior and exterior wall coating of about 40billion yuan. According to the housing transaction data, the proportion of second-hand housing transactions in 18 years has reached 35%, and the proportion of second-hand housing transactions in first and second tier cities is higher, with some cities accounting for more than 50%. Second hand housing transactions are often accompanied by reloading, bringing new market demand for paint

in view of the current outstanding problems in the application technology of exterior wall coatings for the reconstruction of old residential areas, in order to strengthen the quality management of coating products and the whole process of construction, Gansu issued the technical specification for the application of building exterior wall coatings. This standard is applicable to all kinds of industrial and civil buildings with cement mortar plastering base, mixed mortar plastering base, polymer cement mortar plastering base, concrete base, plate base, decorative mortar base, exterior wall external insulation system and old coating as the base. It will play a good guiding role in improving the flatness, aesthetics, safety and construction technology of the outer wall. As we all know, for the renovation of painted walls, in order to eliminate everyone's confusion, the first choice is to completely eradicate the original substrate and then apply refreshing paint. For the parts of the wall and internal and external corners that cannot be repaired by plastering, water-resistant putty shall be used for leveling. In order to ensure the quality of the paint film to prevent oil leakage under high pressure, the high-pressure airless spraying machine is used for construction. The paint sprayed on the wall forms a smooth and dense coating with uniform thickness. By adopting high-pressure airless spraying, the paint particles can obtain powerful kinetic energy to penetrate into the pores of the wall, enhance the adhesion of the coating and prolong the service life. Therefore, in order to ensure the energy conservation, coating and coating engineering quality in the reconstruction of old residential areas, there should be "technical specification for the application of building exterior wall coating" as the basis for the coating construction of old residential areas

the transformation of old urban communities is a major livelihood project and development project, which is of great significance to meet the needs of the people for a better life, promote the benefit of people's livelihood and expand domestic demand, promote urban renewal and the transformation of development and construction methods, and promote high-quality economic development. Gansu paint enterprises actively respond to the central old city reconstruction and beautiful rural construction, provide zero profit and cost price for the old city reconstruction paint, and customize products according to the local climate and culture, and fully support the old city reconstruction project

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