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Comprehensive analysis of the beverage bottle label market

better image quality and lower cost give shrink labels more functions. There are many drinks in supermarkets, and drinks with shrink labels may attract more attention

drinks with shrink sleeve labels on shelves can be distinguished from other drinks in shape and color within a 360 degree line of sight, firmly catching the attention of consumers. Gwen, marketing manager of Fort Dearborn, said that this visual effect is not achieved by other labels. When manufacturers consider using shrink labels, they will wrap the container 360 degrees with full printed labels. Paul, the sales manager of seal it, added

there are many ways for labels to help beverages stand out in retail, and graphic design is one of them. The label is like a beverage billboard, and the shrink but label is a 360 degree omni-directional billboard. Don earl, chairman of overnight label, said: people are using design software to constantly improve the quality of patterns

high quality images continue to appear in label design. Now some well-designed labels are lifelike and can almost be eaten by apple, said Martin, President of sleeveco

high quality patterns are the demand of the beverage label market. In addition to high-quality images, the overall style design is also the premise of perfect labels, especially for drinks with similar container shapes. Wilson said that depending on the appropriate design, perfect patterns and words can also be obtained in the area where the container is easy to deform. The beverage production enterprise had better hold a meeting with the designer to let them understand the importance of curves to the bottle and where the bottle should appear

improve efficiency and reduce costs

in terms of new product development, the economic crisis is having a certain impact on the shrinking label industry. Some beverage manufacturing enterprises have reduced the use of shrinking labels, while others hold a wait-and-see attitude and shelve the plan to develop new labels. We have also seen a reduction in the intention to use shrink labels, because enterprises must not only spend money on the transformation and upgrading of relevant labeling technologies, but also invest a lot of capital in corresponding aspects such as design and marketing, said Chapdelaine of Fort Dearborn

for beverage manufacturers, we not only hope that the development of class a materials in China's building materials market is unbalanced, but also hope that the cost of shrinkage labels can be reduced, and we also hope that the cost of all labels can be reduced. In addition to shrink labels, manufacturers have also asked us whether there are other alternative labels, including the most common die-cutting and then labeling, the most cost-effective labeling technology, Chapdelaine said. Fort Dearborn helped customers investigate how to reduce the use of materials, save costs and be more environmentally friendly. For example, reducing the film thickness from 50 microns to 45 microns can reduce the material by 10%

Pritchett of seal it said that it is feasible to reduce the film thickness to 40 microns with the same area. This reduction in thickness is not only to reduce the use of label materials, It can also save storage space and transportation costs, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. But pritcheet also warned that thicker label labeling machines would be more effective

some companies also use shrink film to achieve the purpose of packaging theft prevention, which reduces the consumption of other materials and saves costs. For example, a customer of sleeveco redesigned the label so that the shrink label also wraps the top of the container, so that it can be wrapped without expensive aluminum foil

Printpack is also developing a new type of anti theft tag. The company adopts innovative film and technology to avoid problems in the work in the future, and develops an anti-theft lifting belt that is easier to tear. The company is also developing some low-strength films for bottles with thin walls. It also has the function of blocking ultraviolet rays, which is very important for dairy products. It can fundamentally eliminate people's dependence on multi-layer bottles that block ultraviolet rays

in the economic downturn, people have more common requirements for a fast delivery cycle, said Earl of overnight labels. For example, in the past, manufacturers would prepare some inventory, but recently, manufacturers often stock up and immediately produce new orders. At this time last year, customers would leave three weeks for delivery, but now, they prefer to say that I want the goods tomorrow, Earl said. Now manufacturers hope that the production cycle of suppliers will be shorter, and because of the supply cycle, domestic suppliers will be given priority

manufacturers often adopt low-cost alternatives, such as using flexographic printing instead of rotogravure printing. The cost of water-based ink for flexo is lower than that of gravure using solvent based ink, and it is more environmentally friendly

the economic downturn has a much smaller impact on the elastic film label, mainly because of the low cost. In the past six months, the elastic membrane label business of sleeveco has developed rapidly. Elastic membrane labels are not of great significance to the beverage industry, but we still see that the application of elastic membrane labels has increased a lot. I think this is mainly due to the impact of the economic environment. Wilson said that because the label is made of PE, if we use PE containers, they can be recycled together

future development

beverage manufacturers hope that labels can carry more functions, and smart labels will have great development in the future. At the same time, some ink manufacturers also provide ink with metallic luster and even fluorescent. Holographic inks for shrink labels are similar to inks for paper. Wilson said that the disadvantage is that it is too expensive. Only when it is applied to very important designs and can make a deep impression on the market, can the pressure caused by rising costs be eliminated. Wilson went on to say that based on the block printing method, raised patterns such as Braille can be printed

under market pressure, manufacturers are also fully developing environmentally friendly label materials that support sustainable development and reduce costs. For example, the PLA materials developed by Fort Dearborn from other recycled resources and its UV inks are 100% VOC free

petg materials are also developing. Compared with the traditional PETG, the high yield PETG has opacity and better environmental protection. The new PETG also has higher transverse tensile properties. In general, more properties are developed based on PETG materials, followed by OPS, and a small part is PVC. Wilson said

printpack has stopped using PVC and switched to other materials. In Europe and Asia, the use of PVC is restricted because it releases toxic gases when burned. But it still has a place in America, because people do not use burning to destroy. Even so, many American manufacturers no longer use PVC, but more use PETG, PLA and OPS

wilson also noted that if these materials are evaluated and low cost is considered alone, PVC is still the lowest. But I also noticed that in the past three to six months, enterprises have paid more attention to environmental protection than cost. Wilson added

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