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Comprehensive analysis of the development of beverage packaging industry (Part 2)

Third, from the perspective of packaging materials, different beverages use different packaging materials. 1. Beer has been widely packaged with heat-resistant polyester bottles (PET) in the world in recent years, especially the application of PET bottle coating Technology (plasma technology), which is internally coated with 0.21mm carbon layer. Its impermeability is almost the same as that of glass. At the same time, it can withstand high-temperature sterilization, expanding its application range, It is suitable for the packaging of hot filled tea drinks. In addition, the polyethylene naphthalate (pen) new polyester bottle, which has attracted the attention of the packaging industry, is entering the beer industry, causing the innovation of beer packaging. Because the molecular structure of pen is similar to that of pet, the naphthalene ring is used to replace the benzene ring, which makes pen have better impermeability, UV linearity, heat resistance and high temperature resistance than PET (the thermal change temperature of amorphous pen is 100 ℃, while that of pet is only 70 ℃). As naphthalene is separated from coal tar, China has rich sources. In the near future, a large number of pen will enter the packaging field, which will trigger another packaging revolution after pet. Whether beer is packaged in glass or plastic next depends on whether consumers recognize PET bottled beer. The current situation is that the process of plastic bottles has overcome almost all technical problems, and the shelf life can also meet the requirements of sales. China is the second largest beverage market in the world, and the demand for beer packaging is huge. Therefore, with the popularization and promotion of PET bottled beer market, it will also occupy a certain market share. In the existing consumer market, due to the leading position of Zhuhai Zhongfu in the field of PET bottles, Haizhu beer and Macao beer filled with its PET bottles have also been recognized by consumers. 2. In 2003, Australia successfully developed a fruit juice packaging cup with high shielding performance. The shelf life of the cup is 18 months. Three layer coextrusion structure, including one layer of PP, one layer of EVOH and one layer of bonding layer. The outer PP can absorb ultraviolet rays. The transparent packaging cup has high shielding performance, which can prevent fruit juice and jelly from changing color under light. The cup adopts a transparent film cover, which can be hot filled or steamed. Single color or two-color gravure printing is adopted on the thermoformed deep drawing cup, and local printing can be carried out on the transparent film cover and the cup body. The cup is wrapped in a paper sleeve and can be printed in 6 colors. With a diameter of 89.4mm and a depth of 105mm, this cup replaces some metal cans to pack fruit juice and jelly, and has a broad application prospect. 3. At present, modern technology has broken through many problems in the production technology of tea drinks, and packaging and storage have become the key that manufacturers must pay attention to. At present, the world's popular tea beverage packaging includes glass bottles, metal cans, paper aluminum plastic composite brick Tetra Pak, polyester bottles (PET, pen), etc., while metal three piece cans, Tetra Pak and PET bottles are widely used in China. Most domestic tea beverage manufacturers have set up three piece can production lines. The advantages of metal cans are strong processing adaptability, low consumption, excellent barrier, and bright packaging and printing colors. However, its production cost is high, and the requirements for internal coating are more stringent, because canned tea often has quality problems due to uneven coating in the can, and it does not meet the environmental protection requirements when it is discarded. In addition, due to the limitations of resources, markets, funds, technical conditions and so on, the national industrial policy does not allow a large number of promotion, but there is still a certain demand in large and medium-sized cities. Pet is a pressure resistant polyester material, which is cheap and has good transparency, air tightness and pressure strength. As domestic consumers pay special attention to tea beverages, when introducing new tea beverage products, manufacturers must not only fully consider the local tea drinking habits, flavors and product characteristics, but also shape the personalized packaging of tea beverages that is different from ordinary soft drinks, especially the polyester packaging with excellent performance, beautiful appearance, economy and convenience. For example, chaliwang series of tea drinks are packaged in polyester bottles, especially with the label decoration of the whole bottle, which is different. Similar to it is Kirin's raw tea packaging. 4、 From the analysis of packaging concept. 1. Personalized Watsons distilled water manufacturer with a history of 100 years launched a new type of bottled water in 2003. Once it was listed, its new packaging full of freshness brightened the eyes of consumers. Streamlined bottle body, simple and fashionable green packaging and unique double bottle cap design turn pure water into a product with unique fashion taste and personal style. Aizi halding, director of the Civil Aviation Administration of Malaysia, a world-famous beverage, said yesterday that Coca Cola, a material brand, always regards its packaging personality as a direct relationship with the brand, which can be found by careful consumers. Although the changes reflected in the outer packaging design are not too great every time, each change can cause market shock. On the day that BOCOG announced the new emblem of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 1million Coca Cola limited edition exquisite commemorative cans with the new emblem were officially launched. The design of the commemorative jar integrates the Beijing Olympic logo, Beijing, China elements, sports elements and grand event elements, outlines the athletes' heroic posture on the field with the strokes and concepts of the new emblem, and integrates the famous temple of heaven in Beijing, highlighting the strong regional characteristics of Beijing. 2. Asepsis according to statistics, at present, there are about 300 sets of asepsis packaging equipment in China, with an annual production capacity of more than 1.5 million tons. Compared with the proportion of aseptic packaging in liquid food in the world, large packaging accounts for more than 80% and small packaging accounts for more than 50%. Only carton aseptic packaging consumes more than 100 billion in the world every year. China's aseptic beverage packaging is still very backward. At present, Tetra Pak of Sweden, international paper of the United States and pkl of Germany are the three giants in the field of carton aseptic packaging. With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for milk, fruit juice and fruit juice drinks is bound to increase greatly. The continuous emergence of new large, medium and small food enterprises will promote the further development of sterile packaging. In many products, such as Tetra Pak bags, roof bags and polyester bottles, the packaging cost is high, which is not suitable for the economic status of ordinary families in China, while small bag aseptic packaging is not. Its price is cheaper, the product flavor is good, and it is stored for a long time at room temperature. Manufacturers and shopping malls also welcome this product. This product not only overcomes the limitation of the inner diameter of the production area, but also removes the cold chain required in the transportation process, which is conducive to market expansion. The successful development of aseptic packaging equipment in China marks another major breakthrough in the development of aseptic packaging technology. Therefore, the development of aseptic beverage packaging bags will also have a certain market prospect. 3. Intellectualization the so-called intelligent packaging refers to the packaging that has the function of identifying and judging environmental factors. At present, the intelligent packaging developed is usually made of functional materials and packaging materials such as photoelectric, temperature sensitive, humidity sensitive, gas sensitive, etc. It can identify and display the temperature, humidity, pressure of the packaging space, as well as the degree and time of sealing. Different materials need different fixtures and some important parameters. This is a promising functional packaging, which is particularly important for packaging products that need long-term storage. 4. Functional packaging is a scientific method to solve the packaging problems related to content. An example of functional packaging is the corrosion resistance of liquid packaging boxes. The application of such packaging can keep perishable products fresh for a longer time. For example, adding a special cover to the fruit juice packaging box and heat sealing treatment can prolong the shelf life and taste of fruit juice. 5、 From the analysis of packaging trend. 1. At present, there are many large packaging products in the beverage market, and the price has decreased a lot. Yunnan is strong in industry, so Yunnan is strong in attracting customers. In autumn and winter, businesses will increase efforts to promote large bottle packaging. First, large bottles are suitable for families to buy, which saves the trouble of repeated purchase. At the same time, they are the first choice for buying drinks during festivals. Second, the price of bottled drinks is relatively low this year, which brings more benefits to consumers. Third, beverage enterprises earn profits at low prices. Although the prices of Master Kang, Wahaha and Sprite fell, their sales increased in the off-season. 2. Cluster packaging makes canned drinks a kind of goods with good quality, low price and easy to carry. The most common specifications of the bundle packaging of canned drinks on the market are 12 and 24. The bundled packaging of natural coconut juice of Hainan coconut tree group takes four as a group. On a piece of PE film, according to the size of the product can body, cut out a round hole that matches the can body, and then put it on the position of the product can body close to the can mouth to play a fixed role. At the same time, there are two oval lifting rings on one side of the PE film, which are convenient for consumers to hold when buying. The bunched packaging specification of sunkish soda is 3 in a group. Three plastic rings are used to block three bottles of drinks. There are jagged protrusions in each ring, which are stuck at the bottleneck for fixation. The plastic sheet is equipped with a handle to facilitate consumers to carry. The bright orange color of the plastic sheet echoes with the yellow bottle of sunkish soda, which has a good shelf display effect. 3. Hand flick

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