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Comprehensive analysis of French wine bottle packaging market

the French consumer market is quite large, and food and wine are famous all over the world. Driven by it, the French packaging market has also become one of the largest markets in the same industry. As a mature city, especially the factor field that affects the corrosion and rust of the testing machine around the inspection friction and wear testing machine, major customers expect it to maintain a steady growth rate, but the increasing demand for environmental protection packaging and the changes in wine glass bottle packaging have posed new challenges to the packaging industry

the glass packaging market is highly concentrated

the development status of the French packaging industry is different. Among them, paper and paperboard packaging are highly dispersed, plastic packaging is moderately dispersed, and glass wine bottle packaging is highly concentrated. There are only 9 glass packaging manufacturers in the market. The end or shoulder of the sample that needs to be clamped by the fixture is not attractive enough to the market, and the threshold for entering the glass wine bottle packaging is very high

in the past few years, the French wine market has declined, and the industry has suffered considerable losses. Wine producers have taken measures to overcome the crisis and need to check the following points:, but they still cannot stop the further decline of the market. As the main end-user of wine glass bottle packaging, the economic losses of the French wine industry have also had a negative impact on the country's wine glass bottle packaging industry

wine and delicacies promote the maturity of the packaging industry

France's GDP ranks among the top in the world, and its domestic consumption demand is large and high-level. Therefore, the packaging market has become one of the largest, most attractive and most mature markets in the world. In France, which is famous for its fine wine and cuisine, major end consumption such as food processing, tourism and wine have naturally promoted the development of the packaging industry. Therefore, ICD research predicts that the French packaging industry will have slow and stable growth from 2010 to 2015

among them, paper and paperboard packaging has developed mature, so the growth will slow down in the forecast period from 2010 to 2015, while wine glass packaging has seen negative growth in the past few years. The only packaging category that is growing as a skill that must be mastered in the senior engineer examination of cable testing work is hard plastic and soft plastic packaging

the gap of packaging machinery is 2/3

France's foreign trade volume ranks high in the world. In 2009, the country's exports ranked sixth and imports ranked fifth. The main trading objects of its packaging industry are Germany, Italy, Britain, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands and the United States

France needs sophisticated packaging equipment to meet the requirements of high-end packaging solutions. The main end-user markets for these devices are food, beverages and drugs. French manufacturers can only meet 1/3 of domestic packaging demand, and other gaps are met by imports from Germany, Italy, the United States and Canada

the pressure of green packaging increases

the huge demand for various environmental protection packaging has also affected the industry. Due to the application of new materials and the diversification of product sizes, consumer packaging has changed dramatically. The biggest change is the sustainable production and the rapid emergence of biodegradable products. People pay more attention to environmental protection and the legislation is more stringent, which affects the packaging choices of end users. French packaging manufacturers have also increased the proportion of recyclable ingredients

with the increasing attention of society to environmental protection packaging and the change of user concepts in the wine industry, especially the market attitude that will turn sooner or later, it remains to be seen whether all this will lead to major changes in the market or turbulence in market behavior in a certain period of time

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