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Comprehensive analysis of the development of special machine tools

special machine tools are machine tools specially suitable for the processing of specific parts and specific processes, and often form an automatic production line production and manufacturing system. The indispensable machine tools yaw (6) 00, yaw (1) 000, yaw (1) 500 assembled manhole cover pressure testing machine is a variety that will eventually be put into the market after we develop several types of equipment. Modular machine tool is a kind of special machine tool, which is based on standardized parts and is composed of a small number of special parts. At present, some machine tool factories are also used to replace their general machine tools with special machine tools if they make changes. For example, because the disc of the CNC lathe is changed to a special design, this CNC lathe does not use the original machine tool model, but adopts the method of numbering special machine tools. Because the special machine tool is a "tailored" product, which has the advantages of high efficiency and automation, it is an ideal equipment for mass production enterprises. With the progress of manufacturing technology and the popularization of numerical control technology, the numerical control of special machine tools is also developing rapidly, and special machine tools occupy a certain proportion in production practice. According to relevant information, the output value of special machine tools in Japan accounted for 8.8% of the output value of machine tools in 2001; In Taiwan Province, the figure reached 6.9%; In China, it is only 0.67%. Therefore, in the current product structure adjustment, the development of special machine tools is a noteworthy issue in the development of the industry

the manufacturing of special machine tools and their automatic production lines is different from that of large experimental machines, which need to prepare assembly process procedures, verify process procedures, and produce automobiles. It is also different from the manufacturing nature of ordinary machine tools. It has two extremely distinctive characteristics: one is integration. All special machine tools ordered by users require turnkey engineering, which integrates processing technology (including process methods and process parameters), development, design and selection of machine tools, fixtures and tools (including auxiliary), inspection and measurement (including blank inspection before entering the machine tool, inspection and measurement of processing and finished products), logistics transportation, chip and coolant protection and treatment. It not only solves one of these problems, but also solves every problem that may be encountered in a wide range of technical fields. Second, unity. Almost all special-purpose machine tools are produced by a single machine. They should be developed and manufactured at one time according to the requirements of users, and they should also ensure one-time success

based on my long-term experience in developing and manufacturing special machine tools and their automatic production lines, I summarize the work of special machine tool manufacturing industry into the following eight characteristics:

first, it is difficult in technology. Because it integrates processing technology, machine tools, jigs, auxiliary tools, cutting tools, inspection and measurement, and logistics, and realizes turnkey engineering, we will not be proud that it will be the best wide and complex in the field of technology. It is also a one-time manufacturing, so it is difficult to ensure one-time success

second, the operating risk rate is high. Special machine tools (or automatic lines) are tailor-made according to user orders. There is no trial production and exploration process. To ensure a success, there are considerable technical risks. Due to improper technical solutions, it is common to cause partial or overall scrapping; Due to one-time manufacturing, it is difficult to avoid problems in the process of manufacturing and debugging. It always takes time to solve these problems, so there is also a certain risk of delivery on schedule; Because the equipment is specially customized for a user, when the user cannot pay on time or even cannot pay for various reasons, it is bound to cause losses to the manufacturing enterprise; The operation is obvious when the current financial manufacturing cannot restrict the other party and the products cannot be transferred to others. Third, it is difficult to cooperate. Because it is a one-time manufacturing, it is not as mass-produced as auto parts, nor as mass-produced as general equipment, so it is difficult to find cooperative manufacturers. Enterprises with ordinary conditions can hardly guarantee to produce qualified products at one time; Enterprises with good conditions to speed up the promotion of industrial upgrading are unwilling to play a supporting role, so they don't care about this kind of entrusted cooperation

fourth, it is highly dependent on technology. The whole process of special machine tools and their automatic lines from design, process preparation, production and manufacturing to assembly and commissioning requires a group of experienced technicians, managers and skilled workers

fifth, the profit margin is small. In foreign enterprises with different production modes (mass production, batch production or single piece small batch production), the benefits of their products will not differ much, but the benefits of domestic enterprises with these production modes are very different. If you make a comparison, it can explain the problem. If the price of a foreign product is 1, the price of a domestic car is 1 25. The domestic price of general-purpose machine tools is about 0.7, while the price of domestic special-purpose machine tools is only 0 4。

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