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Chestnut compound preservation technology

chestnut is a famous dried fruit among China's specialties, which is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats and other nutrients, among which the starch in carbohydrates is the most abundant, and it is easy to cultivate and widely applicable. Chestnut is a kind of dry fruit that is not resistant to storage. If the storage and fresh-keeping measures after harvest cannot keep up with the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry, it will inevitably lead to the result of increasing production without increasing income, which will seriously frustrate farmers' planting enthusiasm. After several years of in-depth research, Zhejiang University has developed a new compound preservative cc33, which can better control the physiological state of chestnut, inhibit the germination of buds, and greatly improve the fruit setting rate. It is a fresh-keeping method suitable for thousands of households. This paper introduces the fresh-keeping methods: first, harvest. After harvest, it should be piled up in a centralized manner, not solid, in order to prevent heat and decay. At the same time, it should keep the seed buds moist. Generally, the seed buds will automatically crack after days. If conditions permit, use machines to take the buds in batches. Then remove moldy and rotten fruits and deformed fruits, and you can store them. 2、 Storage. It is easy to germinate when the temperature is more than 10 degrees. Comparing the chestnut after ordinary storage and fresh-keeping treatment, it can be found that the chestnut after fresh-keeping treatment has bright color and luster after a period of time. The specific operations of pulling chuck type change fixture, circular, hexagonal or hexagonal specimen technique for compound preservation of chestnut are as follows: 1. Classification; 2. Soaking; 3. Packing

storage with cc33 compound preservative has the characteristics of high treatment efficiency, low cost and easy operation

source: Chinese farmers

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