Comprehensive description of the performance of th

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Comprehensive description of the performance of functional paper coatings

with the rapid economic development, customers have higher and higher requirements for product packaging. It is under this condition that functional coatings promote a technological innovation of coatings for corrugated boxes in the United States. Nowadays, China aims to further promote the use of new functional coatings in the rapid economic development, and strive to promote the development of the packaging industry

the paper coating used now generally has the following properties:

waterproof paper coating

the traditional waterproof carton adopts wax spraying, and the waxed cardboard will certainly affect the color of the paper. The gray style is not so colorful, affecting the final packaging style. In addition, wax pouring must increase the weight of the carton and affect the recovery degree. Series of water-based coatings, not only the coating amount is small, but also basically does not affect the reprint ability and adhesion of cartons, making our cartons beautiful and strong. Some waterproof coating paper can be made into water tanks, which can keep goldfish for 7 days, and the cartons are still strong and watertight

corrugated reinforcement coating

this is a new application field of water-based paper coating. In foreign countries, most of the corrugated boxes are single corrugated boxes, while at present, in China, most of them use multi corrugated boxes to improve the strength of cartons. With corrugated reinforced coatings, fiber series in the United States uses special high molecular polymers to act between pulp fibers to enhance the strength of cartons. We can not only use low gram weight paper, but also reduce the number of cartons. The degree of reinforcement of corrugated reinforcement coating is related to the type of paper and fiber properties

moisture proof coating

waterproof coating can prevent the penetration of water, but it often cannot prevent the passage of water vapor. For the preservation of food, we not only require water isolation, but also prevent the penetration of water vapor. At present, coated paper is generally used for packaging in China, and the use of vapor coat moisture-proof coating not only simplifies the production process of packaging paper, but also can be recycled 100%, reduces the packaging cost, and is more environmentally friendly. The delicate fresh tea packaging, after using moisture-proof paint, makes the tea still breathe in the bag. That is, paper is like our human skin

grease resistant coating

when we bought a pizza outside and took it to our hands, the oil stains in the packaging box had penetrated, and we even found that the pizza had been stuck to the box. When our cartons are coated with grease resistant paint, the pizza customers see is completely different, fresh and complete, with great appetite. Today, developed countries in Europe and the United States have already used grease resistant coated paper as food packaging, such as meat, poultry and snacks, chocolate and other packaging

wear resistant coating

wear resistant paper coating is designed to reduce the friction of goods during transportation. At present, our country generally adopts foam and other similar products, especially the packaging of household appliance industry. However, in addition to environmental protection issues, key manufacturers of similar products must use packaging materials of multiple materials at the same time. The American nomartm series of wear-resistant smooth coating reduces the original hardness of the paper, forms a special coating structure on the surface of the paper, and reduces the friction between the original paper and the surface of household appliances. Protect the surface of household appliances in good condition. Of course, wear-resistant coatings are far more than these functions

special coatings

the special coatings used now mainly include the following: corrosion-resistant coatings, fire-proof coatings, anti-static coatings, release coatings, etc

corrosion resistant coating, which is mainly used to protect steel, iron, copper and other metal parts and products. American rustban series can effectively prevent the oxidation of packaging metal after being painted on the surface of cartons, so that the packaged metal parts will not be rusted and tarnished. Many manufacturers can make the paper have anti-corrosion performance and prevent the leakage of oil on hardware accessories according to the needs of customers

fire retardant coating, ABS we have synthesized can realize the reliable release and reception of signals, including medium impact type, high impact type, ultra-high impact type and heat-resistant type. It is known that corrugated paper is a kind of inflammable goods, and there are certain fire prevention requirements for packaging materials in some occasions. At this time, we can use fire retardant coating. The fire retardant coating of American pyrobreaktmex series can effectively prevent the burning of cartons in some cases. If the fireproof coating of paper can pass the tests of astme-162, ASTME-84, tappi461 and nfpa30, it is considered to be a coating suitable for production

anti static coatings generally have anti-static requirements in the packaging of some electronic components. At present, anti-static plastic bags are mainly used in the packaging of these products in China, and then cartons or plastic boxes are used for packaging and transportation. In terms of operation, there are many processes, and the cost of packaging is also relatively high. After the American staticban series anti-static coating is coated on the corrugated box, the surface of the box has the functions of conductivity and electrolysis, which can effectively protect electronic components from the hazards of static electricity and other charges. Using cartons or cartons coated with anti-static paint to package electronic components can reduce the operation steps in the packaging process, and at the same time, it will also reduce the cost of packaging materials

release coating can not only meet the requirements of non viscosity, but also meet the storage of products such as asphalt and rubber, that is, it also meets the requirements of heat resistance. After the hot asphalt is poured into the paper bag coated with mcman release coating, it will still not stick to the paper bag after cooling

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