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On the other hand, it can eliminate the influence of irregular samples on the sensor. The comprehensive anti-counterfeiting packaging technology breaks through the limitations of pure scientific and technological anti-counterfeiting ideas. With packaging materials with strong anti-counterfeiting function as the carrier, various anti-counterfeiting science and technology and management technology are organically applied. Because of the huge profits in the production of counterfeit goods, some lawbreakers are driven to take risks to counterfeit goods. They all have a common feature, that is, they fake the outer packaging and imitate famous brand products. In recent years, fake and shoddy goods have flooded the market in China, causing great harm. According to relevant anti-counterfeiting experts, about 1230 key brand-name products in the country have been harmed, with an output value of about 158 billion yuan and a direct loss of nearly 6 billion yuan. Fake wine, fake pesticides, fake seeds and fake food cause greater losses

in terms of anti-counterfeiting of flexible packaging in previous years, a number of manufacturers have adopted self-adhesive holographic anti-counterfeiting trademarks, which are pasted on the packaging bags for anti-counterfeiting. However, this kind of anti-counterfeiting logo is easy to peel off, and the anti-counterfeiting effect is not good. Counterfeiters can also buy self-adhesive stickers to stick to the packaging of counterfeit goods. However, the so-called "magic is a foot high, the road is a foot high", packaging anti-counterfeiting technology has also developed rapidly in recent years. At present, China's packaging products have developed from a single means of anti-counterfeiting to a comprehensive means of anti-counterfeiting. Packaging anti-counterfeiting has changed to the anti-counterfeiting of printing and packaging materials, the combination of various printing processes, bar code anti-counterfeiting technology and so on

printing and packaging materials anti-counterfeiting

at present, China's soft packaging anti-counterfeiting materials mainly include laser holographic film anti-counterfeiting packaging materials, laser holographic comprehensive anti-counterfeiting safety wire, nanocomposite color changing anti-counterfeiting materials and anti-counterfeiting inks

laser holographic film is a material processed by laser, which has the functions of anti-counterfeiting and decoration. It changes the local anti-counterfeiting method marked by a laser holographic image to achieve the overall anti-counterfeiting effect. The whole package is processed by laser, plus the manufacturer's name, trademark, etc., showing a large area of subject anti-counterfeiting, and the counterfeiters have no way to start. In addition, the laser packaging materials show colorful colors and printing patterns under the light, which makes the appearance more beautiful. The strange optical effect adds a new, strange and beautiful feeling to the packaging. Laser film is made with high and new technology, and then compounded with ordinary plastic film, combined with printing, to form a laser material soft packaging bag (also known as laser soft packaging bag)

laser holographic comprehensive anti-counterfeiting safety line is mainly used in soft packaging plastic bags, paper film composite packaging boxes, paper and other products, and is used as a safety line after being clamped in

multilayer optical color changing film is a material whose color will change with the change of observation angle. Using nano composite technology to develop multilayer optical color changing film is mainly to combine the advantages of physical coating technology and chemical coating technology, and overcome some shortcomings of physical coating technology. This color changing film has low cost, wide color changing range, good color changing effect, and has certain creativity. Compared with the existing color changing film, its cost is reduced by more than 50%, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. The multilayer optical color changing film produced by this technology is suitable for the anti-counterfeiting packaging of ordinary products because of its low cost, simple production process, wide color changing range, high scientific and technological content and difficult to copy, and its market prospect is very wide

anti counterfeiting ink is a special printing ink made by adding anti-counterfeiting materials with special properties to the ink binder and processing through special processes. Its specific implementation is mainly printed on tickets, product trademarks and packaging by ink printing. This kind of anti-counterfeiting technology is characterized by simple implementation, low cost, good concealment, bright colors, convenient inspection and strong emphasis. The types of anti-counterfeiting inks mainly include: UV fluorescent ink, sunlight Induced Discoloration anti-counterfeiting ink, thermal anti-counterfeiting ink, magnetic ink, biochemical reaction ink, etc

printing technology anti-counterfeiting

the anti-counterfeiting of shading (plate) created by computer is to use special graphics processing software to make particularly complex, subtle, exquisite and high-resolution printing shading. This kind of shading is difficult to copy manually, Phototypesetting or scanning, such as complex flowers, geometric graphics, single line, composite or closed graphics, and can also be made into square connected, concentric circles, concave format, flat line relief, curve relief, multicolor relief, multicolor single inlay relief, etc. Tuanhua can also be embedded with text, and shading graphics can also be gradually changed

in addition, the laser rainbow molded holograms made by laser color hologram plate making technology and molding replication technology can be made into visible or invisible graphics or information on products. Because the color block combination in the hologram is randomly encoded, it is difficult to copy the same master even with the same equipment, so the rainbow hologram can be used as an anti-counterfeiting mark. There are three kinds of laser molded holographic anti-counterfeiting marks: single rainbow color, multiple rainbow colors, true color and black-and-white (achromatic). Their images include two-dimensional, three-dimensional, multiple and dynamic imaging, as well as bronzing holograms and transmission holograms. Through the hologram, you can see the covered pictures and texts under it at the same time, so it is called perspective hologram. There is also a kind of transmission hologram, which is plated with multiple layers of transparent media on the hologram stripe, so that it can only see the hologram at a certain angle, and changing the angle almost becomes the 'target' of the packaging machine=_ Blank> the transparent film shows the covered pictures and texts below, and its performance is better than the former

photopolymer hologram anti-counterfeiting marks, also known as two-dimensional perspective stereoscopic images, are also used in the outer packaging of commodities. Its raw material is dye-sensitized photopolymer, which has special wavelength and high sensitivity, and can control the propagation direction of light. It can produce a very realistic three-dimensional image with high diffraction efficiency, high resolution, large viewing angle range and three-dimensional dynamic changes, which is very suitable for general consumers to identify

for some flexible packaging products with higher and more complex requirements, in order to achieve good anti-counterfeiting effect, multi process combination printing such as flat, concave, flexible and silk can also be used. The more complex and difficult the printing process is, the better the anti-counterfeiting effect of packaging and decoration prints will be

with the deepening of anti-counterfeiting printing technology, we make full use of the variability of the depth of mechanical engraving plate making lines. The printed pattern is a kind of graph at first glance, and another or more images will be hidden at a closer look. You can also add some subtle feature images without timing, which are easy to produce illusion when observed with the naked eye, and will deform or blur when copying with photographic plate making or laser Phototypesetting, so that some features will be lost

bar code anti-counterfeiting technology

bar code is a symbol composed of a group of parallel lines with different widths according to a specific format and spacing. It represents various digital and textual information, and can contain the type, code, specification, manufacturer and other information of goods. It has the advantages of fast input and reading speed, accurate and reliable data and strong confidentiality

now there is an invisible barcode in the market. This kind of bar code can "disappear" between commodity packaging patterns, which will not damage the integrity of commodity packaging and decoration, nor affect the characteristics of bar code. Invisible bar codes mainly include covered invisible bar codes, photochemical invisible bar codes under slow and uniform loading, and invisible bar codes printed with invisible ink. The covered invisible bar code uses a specific film or coating to cover the ordinary visible bar code, which cannot be recognized by human eyes and general bar code reading equipment. When the ordinary visible bar code is processed by photochemical method, it is difficult for human eyes to detect its trace, and it cannot be read by ordinary light or even specific light. The invisible barcode printed with invisible ink has low cost and is very suitable for anti-counterfeiting packaging of goods

comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology

comprehensive anti-counterfeiting packaging technology breaks through the limitations of pure scientific and technological anti-counterfeiting thinking, takes packaging materials with strong anti-counterfeiting function as the carrier, and organically applies various anti-counterfeiting science and technology and management technology. According to the restriction law of counterfeiting and selling low-quality products and preventing counterfeiting and selling low-quality products, multi-functional packaging products with strong anti-counterfeiting are designed and manufactured: comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology with mandatory management measures is realized by manufacturing a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting bag or comprehensive anti-counterfeiting seal

comprehensive anti-counterfeiting packaging technology basically includes anti-counterfeiting science and technology, auxiliary product function technology, management technology, basic material technology, structural form technology, warning technology, scrap technology and so on

the comprehensive anti-counterfeiting packaging technology has the characteristics of complex technology and difficult imitation, which makes the product anti-counterfeiting packaging have a strong future. The anti-counterfeiting of flexible packaging will enter the era of comprehensive anti-counterfeiting. In addition, the comprehensive anti-counterfeiting packaging also has the characteristics of determining the query effect, adjusting the order of elements, one-time use (scrapping after tearing), and can't be used again

from the above description, we can know that in the future anti-counterfeiting of soft package with system failure, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting will continue to play an important role in the anti-counterfeiting field with higher technical content, and the use of comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology will become the only way for anti-counterfeiting products, "easy to identify, moderate price, difficult to imitate" will become the common characteristics of anti-counterfeiting technology products in the future

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