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Comprehensive analysis of the packaging machinery market

at present, the main packaging products with strong market demand include corrugated board, box making (box), and complete sets of printing equipment. Corrugated cardboard and cartoning refer to packaging boxes, large cartons, fast food lunch boxes, disposable paper cups, paper mold packaging, etc. these products can be regarded as the leader in the packaging industry. There are nearly 10000 carton (box) packaging plants in the country. For more than a decade, the demand for corrugated cardboard, cartoning (box) and complete sets of printing equipment in the domestic circulation field has been booming, and the supply exceeds the demand. In addition to a large number of daily necessities packed in cartons, motorcycles and bicycles are now packed in cartons, and the indispensable fruits in daily life are also packed in cartons instead of wicker baskets. According to industry forecasts, vegetables will also be packed in cartons in the future. With the further development of economy, carton packaging enterprises have accelerated the pace of renewal and transformation. There is an urgent need for complete sets of corrugated cardboard and carton (box) equipment with a width of more than 20m, including five, seven, nine and high-strength

packaging materials for pharmaceutical processing and packaging machinery. Various complete sets of Chinese and Western medicine processing equipment, especially the processing of important modern mechanical equipment, are important topics in the industry today. To solve the packaging problems of traditional Chinese medicine slicing, film making, injections, creams, powders and pills, there is an urgent need for various pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment to solve the adaptability, compatibility and reliability of products, especially high-speed, automatic, multi-functional packaging machinery and corresponding supporting composite packaging materials

complete set of equipment for convenient food production. There are mainly complete sets of convenient food processing equipment represented by instant noodles, instant porridge, dumplings, steamed stuffed buns and other machinery, and the demand for products is increasing. According to the domestic market survey, the direction of people's demand for convenience food is: nutrition, high-end, good taste. The market prospect of synthetic rubber in traditional food processing, elderly and infant food processing equipment is also promising, and relevant enterprises should focus on development

complete equipment for beer and beverage filling. At present, there are more than 800 major breweries and more than 2000 major beverage factories across the country. Beer filling machinery focuses on the development of medium-sized filling complete sets of equipment with an annual output of 50000 tons, and moderately develops large-scale beer filling complete sets of equipment with an annual output of more than 100000 tons. Insiders particularly emphasize the need to develop multifunctional and fully automatic equipment with high speed, low loss, accurate measurement, automatic detection and so on. Beverage machinery should adapt to the development direction of "centralized production of main agents and decentralized filling of beverages". Develop on-site beer and beverage blending technology and equipment

fruit and vegetable processing and fresh-keeping packaging equipment. The processing and preservation of fruits and vegetables is an important trend of future development. There is an urgent need for fruit and vegetable classification technology and equipment, high yield juicing technology and equipment, energy-saving concentration technology and equipment, washed and selected fruits, quick-frozen vegetables and dehydrated vegetables technology and equipment. Develop processing machinery, especially packaging equipment, that greatly reduces the loss of food raw materials such as fruits and vegetables, grain, meat (aquatic products), eggs, etc. at present, most of them adopt modified atmosphere and Co60 radiation technology and equipment

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