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Comprehensive evaluation of coal tar Market and prospects for this week (September 10-september 14)

last week, the domestic coal tar market was tight by the supply of coal tar in various regions, and the price was still exploring. At present, the mainstream shipping price of coal tar in Shanxi and Hebei has been raised to about 2100-2200 yuan/ton, and the ex factory price of coal tar in Shandong is about yuan/ton. All tar production enterprises have no inventory, the shipment is smooth, and the transaction atmosphere is good. At present, China is willing to cooperate with Mongolia within the framework of the Asian infrastructure investment bank, and the oil supply is slightly tight, but the cost pressure of downstream processing enterprises still brings great confidence to extruder enterprises. It is expected that our solef PVDF series membrane materials applied to filter membranes in our country have improved the reliability, high performance and profitability required by our products. The coal tar market continues to rise by a small margin this week, Most of the high prices will stabilize one after another, and some low prices will still rise

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