Even if the oil price drops sharply, you still nee

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Even if the oil price drops sharply, you also need a case

the oil price has a serious impact on the income of the construction machinery industry. Although the oil price has a downward trend recently, it is still high. Moreover, in the face of lower and lower labor prices and higher and higher fuel consumption, the profit space of excavator users is becoming smaller and smaller

oil price trend

therefore, how to save oil without reducing the task rate and mechanical service life of excavators, while not reducing the work efficiency and mechanical service life, is the most concerned problem of all machine owners at present. In addition to developing good habits in actual work to reduce fuel consumption and improve work efficiency, it is also essential to choose a fuel-efficient excavator. At this time, you need a case C series excavator

in combination with the research of many construction machinery under Keith, we also measured the Zui large force generation technology generated by this kind of data in the process of fracture, and achieved the accurate hydraulic control system of Keith PCs, enabling Keith hydraulic excavators to generate the required hydraulic power and operating speed in severe operations. As we all know, the case C series excavator has achieved 15% fuel saving. Compared with other equipment in the industry that maintains a power system under all working conditions, the intelligent control can save 7% fuel, and the remaining 8% is reflected in the treatment of oil products. The common rail inner surface and turbocharger are improved in the engine, the fuel prefilter is added in the front end, the fuel filter type (filter element type) is adjusted, and the higher injection pressure and DLC technology are used at the fuel injector end. All these adjustments are only for the long-term maintenance of the engine working state and achieve the long-term fuel saving goal of 8%

case C series

case "intelligent control system" has more efficient function design. In combination with the highest level hydraulic pressure design in the industry, it has specially designed the double action "automatic force adding function" of automatic power enhancement technology for stripping operations on hard surfaces, which can instantly increase the excavator force of standard buckets by 10% and greatly improve the work efficiency. In the case of boom and stick of the same specification, case can provide the maximum value, which can improve the efficiency and save fuel in practical work

trend chart

in order to make money, in addition to the highest voice of users, i.e. to increase the fare and increase the income, i.e. to reduce expenditure. The depreciation of the RMB and the rise of the consumer price index have led to a decline in user income. As one of the basic principles of China's financial management, increasing revenue and reducing expenditure should be implemented fundamentally. When the "open source" revenue source is restricted, it becomes particularly important to reduce unnecessary expenditure as much as possible. Under the principle that economy determines finance, we should actively promote the development of production, improve economic efficiency, increase production and income, at the same time, we should save expenditure and stress the efficiency of the use of funds

therefore, in the era of intelligence, numerous super technologies have made innovations and breakthroughs in numerous mechanical equipment, enabled enterprises to develop efficiently, and benefited countless people. Case's designers know this well and save 15% of the fuel. Every upgrade aims to make every drop of oil invested by users give full play to their maximum energy, and every penny invested will generate the maximum income

in addition to saving fuel, saving maintenance consumption, better ergonomic design, bringing better user friendliness, intelligent operation for working conditions that can be considered is not a simple excavator, but a complete set of engineering construction solutions. In 1995, case came to every Chinese user with international unified quality, served China for more than 20 years, fought side by side with millions of users, and opened up the ground and created brilliance for every partner who has a dream 2 and a little experimental power

today, case is still fighting for the most difficult projects of domestic manufacturers, which are generally - 80 ~ + 130 ℃, helping tens of millions of end users realize their dreams of becoming rich, and providing the best quality products and services! Regardless of fuel economy or high efficiency and durability, case is always your most correct choice

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